#KFfighters I want us all to feel responsible for our actions

16 August 2020 · 10 minutes reading

Vasyl Teremta, project manager, on superpowers, favorite places in Kyiv, and unusual acquaintances

While Elon Musk was conquering space, we also launched more than one rocket - our managers did not sit idly by. The #Fighters interview series is an opportunity to learn more about our "conquerors" of the online project space. What are they interested in, how do they get inspired for new solutions in projects, and what do they dream about? Today, we're getting to know Vasyl Teremta, the project manager of Zero Waste School.

How do you like the new work format?
Working in an online format is quite difficult because there is always a need for live communication, not just virtual. Despite all the challenges, my team and I still held the Zero Waste School, which was a new experience, but I think we succeeded. I've read the feedback from the participating teams, their posts on social media, and they write that they are very happy with this opportunity to visit the project online. I am glad that we managed to maintain efficiency and impressions.

How did your story with the foundation begin?
My relationship with the foundation began with the Internship 5.0 in 2017. During my internship, I was engaged in communications with boxing federations and organizing an international boxing tournament. I was attracted by the opportunity to implement ideas that are truly valuable to society. This is the third year I have been a part of the foundation and I feel that our efforts are bearing fruit. Participants talk about changes in themselves and society, and this is very motivating to transform projects, to try something new, so that the project is always changing and becoming even more valuable and interesting for participants.

Why are the projects you work on important to society?
The activities of one person can pose a threat to another. I want us all to feel responsible for our actions. I want society to adopt a bit of altruistic attitude and be able to feel those who need our attention. In our project, we teach that the actions of each person have an impact on the entire environment.

Have you ever had a moment while working at the foundation that significantly changed your values or views on something?
The projects transform the participants. They lose their fear of what they thought was unattainable. Sometimes it seemed like I had an extraordinary ability:
The ability to ignite in people the desire to work and become the best version of themselves.

Do you easily manage to abstract yourself from work tasks, or do you get up at night thinking about your project?
I can wake up at night before a project or remember something I have to do. I can't completely abstract myself, because from any situation or even just watching a movie, you can find something that will be useful in project activities.

What do you do outside of work?
I am interested in the initiatives of other organizations and businesses. I communicate with contractors and create something for projects together. I often go to bookstores to get inspired.

Who would you like to have coffee with? Why with him/her?
Coffee isn't my favorite drink, but I would definitely start with someone I've lost touch with a long time ago. I was lucky to communicate with many people who influenced my worldview. For example, in Washington, D.C., I met a retired woman who had worked for New Your Times all her life. It was after meeting her and having long conversations about Ukraine and international relations that I decided to subscribe to this publication. Sometimes I remember our conversation and smile, because it was she who opened my love for publications.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?
Learn more foreign languages and apply to the School of Success :)

What do you dream about?
The absence of wars and unity of action in the fight to solve other global problems.

What's the best gift you've ever received?
Recognition of the Zero Waste School project on the international stage and receiving the award in the National Project category from the Energy Globe Awards (Vienna, Austria). But it's not really a gift, you need to join your efforts and the support of the team to get the award, and that's when the best gifts come out, realized by shared aspirations.

What is your favorite place in Kyiv? What do you like/dislike most about Kyiv?
Rusanivka is my favorite place in Kyiv. Many people ask me when they find out that I live on the left bank: "Wow, it's a long way to get to work, isn't it? There's nothing for recreation and entertainment there." Then I turn on the left bank defender and tell them the following:
First, the left bank has the largest number of trees per person.
Secondly, Rusanivka is located in the middle, so it's hard to tell which bank it is :) By the way, this is one of the first artificially created alluvial islands in the world.
Third, there are many opportunities to have a great time in Rusanivka: there is a canal, fountains with music, the Dnipro River itself, and a large park with interesting places.
What I don't like the most about the city, probably like everyone else, is the environment and air quality.

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