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Before the outbreak of the war, the Klitschko Foundation in Ukraine had been making children’s dreams come true for 18 years. Founded by famous Ukrainian brothers Wladimir and Vitaliy Klitschko, former world heavyweight champion boxers, the Foundation has supported young people by helping them discover their potential and realize their dreams. The Foundation supports education as well as social, emotional and physical development. The Klitschko Foundation has helped more than 2 million children to gain the skills and work experience they need to succeed in the modern world and become change agents in their communities. The Foundation’s motto is: ‘Fight for your dream’. Since 2003, the Klitschko Foundation has taught young people to fight for their dreams through its projects. Now, the entire nation of Ukraine, and many countries around the world, are united in fighting for peace for the Ukrainian people. Together with global organizations and financial supporters, the Klitschko Foundation team is working to maintain the supply of all necessities to Ukraine. 

Humanitarian Aid

 In the Ukraine of today, adults and children alike are living in a nightmare. The war has been raging for over a month, threatening to crush the dreams of the Ukrainian people. But the Foundation's dreams have not been crushed. It’s still determined to fight for the future of Ukraine’s children. The team understands that their original goals can’t be realized in the midst of this crisis, while teenagers sit in bomb shelters, teachers pick through the ruins of their houses and thousands flee their homes. That’s why the Foundation’s priorities have changed. It’s currently directing efforts toward providing humanitarian aid such as food, clothing, medical care and other humanitarian assistance. No funding is being used for weapons or ammunition.

In this time, humanitarian aid from the Klitschko Foundation was sent to Ukrainian cities. And that is not the end of it. As the war continues in Ukraine, people need constant support and help. So now the foundation's team is working to deliver humanitarian aid faster to the places where help is needed right now.

Mental health and youth help

However, the team of the Klitschko Foundation has not forgotten about the aims of education and sports, because they believe that Ukraine will need educated, creative, enterprising, and courageous people to rebuild the country after the war.

This year, together with partners and others, Klitschko Foundation plans to implement a number of projects for youth, teachers, and NGOs. Here are the recurring projects that are planned to be repeated: «Democracy Hub», «Zero Waste School», «Play for equality», «School of Success», «ProCharity». 

The team can ensure that the projects they implemented from year to year do not remain the same, as everything has changed — from people's perceptions to the conditions in which they live. Therefore, all projects have been updated by the team, taking into account the current situation in Ukraine. Indeed, the most important theme of each project is mental health and psychological support. This is what is currently most relevant for people of all ages in Ukraine. Whether for a teenager who witnessed the loss of relatives, a teacher whose school was razed to the ground by an enemy missile, or students who had to flee abroad, because now they have no home in Ukraine. The team is also constantly keeping abreast of change so that it is possible to launch new projects based on the current needs of young people at this time. 

Information support

In addition to humanitarian assistance and educational projects, the Foundation helps by informing. We share the stories of Ukrainians and facts about the war with our international community. Also, the team helps young people find employment during this difficult time. As many people in Ukraine have lost their jobs, the Foundation supports them by sharing job opportunities within Ukraine and abroad through different channels.

Support Klitschko Foundation

The Foundation needs the support of like-minded people more than ever. You can help the Foundation support the citizens of Ukraine by making a donation. It is important to remember that even the smallest amount can save a life.

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Help Ukrainians fight for their dream — a peaceful sky over Ukraine and in the whole world!

Our mission

We believe: children's dreams is important to realize, and we are constantly working on it!

2015 year met us with wonderful people, and each of them has his own history of participation in Klitschko Foundation`s projects. Dozens of interviews we gathered in one book which you can now read right on our website.

Partner feedback

Olesya Zhulynska Head of Public Relations "Coca-Cola Ukraine" Coca-Cola Ukraine

Olesya Zhulynska

Head of Public Relations "Coca-Cola Ukraine"

Coca-Cola Company operates in more than 200 countries and more than half of them (115 out of 200) supports over 280 programs involving physical activity. In Ukraine, we are helping to realize a number of national projects that carry a substantial public interest. The high degree of interest aroused by the initiative “Invite your friends – lets play together!”, confirms the correctness of our steps along the way, and we are pleased to support the Klitschko Foundation in this project.

Alisa Lavrentieva Panasonic Ukraine Panasonic Ukraine

Alisa Lavrentieva

Panasonic Ukraine

Achievements are an obvious result of the collaboration of our Company with the Foundation. Promoting the environmental culture among the youth of our country. Gaining the right of the winners to represent Ukraine at the World competition. But the most important achievement, in my opinion, is a team of like-minded people of the foundation, who put their hearts and souls for a good deeds. Thank you and we wish you an inspiration and possibilities!

Natalia Larchenko Ulichnaya eda Ulichnaya eda

Natalia Larchenko

Ulichnaya eda

The Klitschko Foundation team proved its professionalism in the organization of social projects with a transparent fundraising process and reporting to its partners and the public. The main factors in their success are their results-oriented approach and teamwork. We're pleased to be a part of their projects and do good things together.

Roman Tugashev Ulichnaya eda Ulichnaya eda

Roman Tugashev

Ulichnaya eda

Work with the Klitschko Foundation was one of the main components of our brand's corporate social responsibility program. Working with them, we raised over 78K UAH, a result that speaks for itself. We like not only the Foundation's goals - which help bring up a new generation - but also their approach to work: creative realization of clear actions, active involvement of volunteers, and interaction with the public.

Lyudmila Prytula Samsung Samsung

Lyudmila Prytula


Samsung Electronics Ukraine worked together with the Klitschko Foundation and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2014-2015 on the initiative "Samsung. Hope for Children" to raise public awareness of the issue of cancer diagnosis in children. Samsung thanks the Foundation for their professionalism in coordinating the work of the project's expert group, and for their transparency in procuring equipment with the campaign's funds.

Natalia Tymoshenko Nestle Nestle

Natalia Tymoshenko


The Foundation sets goals to improve physical education among Ukraine's youth, and these goals coincide with those of Nestle. The Foundation team's experience, understanding of processes, and focus on results is clear.

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There are a large community of people behind the foundation`s projects who give their time, money or spread the word about our projects. Anyone can change the world. Let's do it together!

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