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This is an online educational project to develop entrepreneurial skills and create a business for active and enterprising teenagers.
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It is Generation Z that is taking on the role of leaders of positive changes in the 21st century, and those who implement new social and business ideas. Traditional education provides modern teenagers with theoretical knowledge, but they have to look for opportunities to implement social and business ideas on their own. This is especially difficult when there is no experience and support, so it is important to create conditions in which young people can develop their skills and realize their ideas. It is entrepreneurial thinking combined with business skills that can become such a tool.


To provide teenagers with opportunities and knowledge to realize business ideas and creativity, promote entrepreneurship, active citizenship, and leadership

Project format

Online, via Zoom


Thanks to the project, I changed my outlook 180°, and now the fields of journalism and media have become an integral part of my interests. I developed my storytelling and fact-checking skills, as I was not familiar with these fields. I was also lucky enough to receive personalized feedback from the speaker, Tetiana Matychak. On her advice, I want to create my own Telegram channel, which will contain stories about my life or fictional stories. And one of the dreams I want to realize is to create my own project for teenagers about leadership and psychology, because I think it is important to prepare for adulthood. Therefore, I am grateful to the organizers for their inspiration!
Sofia Tarasyuk
project participant