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Debate Camp
Debate Camp - an educational project aimed at popularizing democratic culture, dialogue, debating skills, human rights values, and active civic engagement among youth. The project is implemented with the grant support of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House.
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According to the Democracy Index published in the 2023 report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Ukraine ranks 91st out of 167 countries. This statistic reflects a pressing need to enhance the level of democratic education and awareness among Ukrainian youth, emphasizing the necessity of investing in the development of young citizens capable of understanding and valuing the principles of democracy and active citizenship. Recognizing this need, Debate Camp was developed as an innovative approach to engage youth in active participation in civic life, providing them not only with theoretical knowledge but also practical skills in debating, critical thinking, and effective communication.


With the support of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House, we have launched this project to establish a strong foundation for the global development of democratic values, promote intercultural dialogue, and support active civic participation among youth. We aim to nurture a new generation of leaders capable of not only appreciating but also defending the principles of openness, mutual respect, and democracy on a global scale. Through intensive training sessions, debates, and practical actions, we inspire young people to create positive changes within their communities and beyond, which is a crucial step towards building a more open, just, and democratic world.

Who can participate?

  • Teenagers
Girls and boys aged 14-17 from various regions of Ukraine

Project format

Debate Camp: 20 teenagers will participate in an offline format debate camp in Zakarpattia. Local Projects: Upon returning from the debate camp, teenagers will implement local projects in their communities in an offline format.

Project program

Debate Camp

    20 teenagers will have the unique opportunity to travel to Zakarpattia to master the art of debating. We have developed this project to inspire youth to develop critical thinking skills and effective argumentation, essential for actively contributing to the democratic development of Ukraine. During the training, participants will form teams, engage in debates, and receive valuable advice from experts. The culmination of the program will be a debate tournament featuring distinguished guests, including representatives from the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House, the Debate Federation of Ukraine, the Embassy of Denmark, and the media.

Local Projects

    Upon completing the program, participants will return to their communities with a mission to integrate debating skills into extracurricular activities at their educational institutions. We will provide recommendations for the organization and conduct of debate clubs, thereby expanding the influence of our ideas and contributing to the formation of a democratic society.


If you have any questions, please contact project manager Vasyl Teremta at [email protected] or write to us on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/KlitschkoFoundation/).

Vasyl Teremta

Project Manager

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