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Falling walls venture Kyiv
An international forum dedicated to the development of cooperation between science and business. Venture capitalists, strategic investors, startup authors and opinion leaders meet and communicate here.
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Ukraine is rich in creative and innovative ideas. However, initiatives often fail to develop and move to the international level because they lack the support of more experienced experts and a platform for presentation.


Create an environment for interaction and cooperation between venture capitalists, strategic investors, startup authors, and opinion leaders.

Who can participate?

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Idea generators and business founders who have research and a degree (at least a PhD).

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Falling Walls in Berlin is a conference that sets the tone for the development of human civilization for the next year, highlighting major scientific successes and breakthroughs in the sciences and humanities. It also brings together the best minds of humanity in one room. No exaggeration. To attend it is a great success. And I was lucky enough to speak at it. But I did not realize what awaited me right away. The project made me realize how important it is to work on my speech and presentation skills.
Olexandr Savsunenko
project participant in 2016