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School of success
An educational digital project about 21st century skills for teenagers who want to become change-makers in their communities.
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Young people in the regions don't have opportunities for development and access to non-formal education. Passive environments doesn't motivate self-development and leadership, and the most active ones tend to leave their hometown or village in search of opportunities in big cities or abroad. Those who want to implement initiatives in their community face prejudice and lack of support.


The project enables teenagers to discover their leadership potential and motivate them to take responsibility for changes in their own lives and community development, to provide knowledge about 21st century skills that will help them find their future purpose. The project helps them to feel the value of knowledge and self-education and inspires them to look for opportunities for their own development and share their knowledge and experience with others.

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Lorem ipsumThanks to the project, I changed my outlook 180°, and now the fields of journalism and media have become an integral part of my interests. I developed my storytelling and fact-checking skills, as I was not familiar with these fields. I was also lucky enough to receive personalized feedback from the speaker, Tetiana Matychak. On her advice, I want to create my own Telegram channel, which will contain stories about my life or fictional stories. And one of the dreams I want to realize is to create my own project for teenagers about leadership and psychology, because I think it is important to prepare for adulthood. Therefore, I am grateful to the organizers for their inspiration!
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