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Skills elevator
An online educational project aimed at developing communication skills through volunteering.
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Communication is one of the most important skills in the 21st century. Today it is hard to find a field of activity that does not require communication skills. During COVID-19, everyone felt the lack of communication, and when you are a teenager and you are developing your communication skills, learning to express your thoughts clearly and logically, distinguish true information from fakes, and develop your own creative and critical thinking, forced isolation only hinders the development of relevant skills. Through the Skills Elevator educational project, which includes both educational and practical parts, we are trying to change this.


To develop the actual skills of teenagers and, through volunteering, create conditions for them to practice the experience and knowledge gained in the educational part.

Who can participate?

  • Teenagers
Teenagers from all over Ukraine who study in grades 10-11.

Project format

Online, via the Zoom app

Project program

During the project, participants:

    - gain basic knowledge and skills in communications; - learn about opportunities for self-development in the field of communications; - can practice real tasks in the communication department as volunteers; - become a part of like-minded people who will inspire and support each other.

Timing of the project

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participants became volunteers of the foundation


This year, to meet the needs of teenagers, we implemented a project on communications. Several project participants became volunteers and had the opportunity to practice on the real tasks of the foundation's communications department.


Thanks to the project, I changed my outlook 180°, and now the fields of journalism and media have become an integral part of my interests. I developed my storytelling and fact-checking skills, as I was not familiar with these fields. I was also lucky enough to receive personalized feedback from the speaker, Tetiana Matychak. On her advice, I want to create my own Telegram channel, which will contain stories about my life or fictional stories. And one of the dreams I want to realize is to create my own project for teenagers about leadership and psychology, because I think it is important to prepare for adulthood. Therefore, I am grateful to the organizers for their inspiration!
project participant
Young people are our confidence in the future. They are our future, and how we support them, what advice and recommendations we provide, and how positively we influence their aspirations to acquire professional skills by setting an example will determine the level of specialists who will fill the Ukrainian labor market. I am convinced that we need to create more such initiatives and treat their organization as responsibly as possible. This is exactly what I saw with my own eyes while cooperating with the foundation
Rina Asobina
project speaker
It was my first experience of mentoring. It was a very responsible job to evaluate the work of the project participants, even a bit stressful, because when I checked the work, I realized that part of the participation of a teenager in the project and his or her chances of volunteering depended on my decision. And this is very responsible! But I believe that it was not in vain, and the teenagers who took part in the Skills Elevator learned as much information as possible, developed skills, and found useful contacts to turn their ideas into reality. So, thanks to all the participants, the team of mentors, and the project organizers.
Oleksiy Karkachev
project mentor


If you have any questions, please contact Sofia Tarasyuk at [email protected] or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Sofia Tarasyuk

Communications Manager