#fightersKF I am most inspired by the joyful eyes of teenagers

07 June 2020 · 10 minutes reading

Ihor Yefymenko, project manager of the foundation, about work and motivation

Who are the people who create the foundation's projects - heroes of our time, Julius Caesars, or just dreamers who love their work? We tried to find out in an interview. 

Today, we are getting to know the project manager of the School of Success and Horizons of the Future projects, Ihor Yefymenko. 


How are you? How do you like the new work format?

After a long time in quarantine, you start to see the good in everything, but certain "buts" have not disappeared. The remote format requires much more effort and time to complete tasks. Especially with time, there is a lack of it now. But overall, it's an interesting experience.

How did you get into the foundation?

My story at the Foundation began four years ago. It was my 4th year at university, and I was feeling sad and bored. I was looking for something to do when I saw an ad on Facebook about Internship 5.0. I talked to my friend, and we both submitted our applications. We had a training, then an interview, and now we are proud to go to the office for an internship. At the time, I worked on the School of Success project, and then I was a mentor on the same project twice. This experience made me realize that I couldn't live without so much communication, and that I was most inspired by the joyful eyes of the teenagers on the project. So I decided to stay with the foundation, and now I am implementing my third project. 

What is the value of the projects you are involved in?

I work on the School of Success and Horizons of the Future projects. "Horizons of the Future" is a project very close to me, because I studied philosophy at university for 6 years. Even as a child, I was interested in complex fundamental issues and read the relevant literature, but I only joined the circle of like-minded people after entering the university. I think it is important to develop in children the ability to express their thoughts, analyze information and think critically from school age. This helps them to better understand the processes taking place in society and to form their own attitude towards them. "Horizons of the Future" provides just such an opportunity, and also becomes a platform for communication on important topics.

"The School of Success just became love at first sight for me. I like to be a positive example for teenagers, I like to teach them useful things. At this project, we meet children with different backgrounds, views, and mentality, but they are all united by a desire to change and make a difference. At the age of 14-15, they have goals and motivation that we didn't get until we were 18, and that's really cool. "The School of Success shows that change is in our hands. We don't have to go abroad for a better life, but we can make our society and country better if we want to.

What do you like most about your job?

Actually, there are a lot of positive aspects in my job. Sometimes they are even problems or challenges that lead to quite unexpected solutions that allow us to look at things from new angles. But most of all, I like the amount of communication: sometimes I even want to be silent for an hour after work. This amount of communication is an advantage for me, because it is an opportunity to learn, discover something unfamiliar, and hear new thoughts.

Who would you like to have coffee with right now?

Just a stranger. I like these casual conversations with people you see for the first and last time because they are always sincere.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Believe in yourself. Don't pay attention to those who say you can't do anything and won't become anything. Be persistent, maybe even stubborn. Go to the end, even if you are not quite sure of your destination. It's much better than constantly hesitating and not going anywhere.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by understanding how we are changing globally: attitudes, history, culture. It's something that is bigger than the life of an individual and that we can directly influence.

Do you have a favorite place in Kyiv?

Yes, I really like Landscape Alley and Podil in general. But only if there is no usual noise and crowds there - just you and the light of the lanterns. I especially like to walk there in the fall or summer.

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