Areas of cooperation:

We are open to cooperation with companies and agencies for which the quality of services or products is an absolute criterion. We strive to combine specialists to achieve the best results. Even if you cannot find the area you specialize in our list, please, contact us and together we can create new ways, because the dream does not adhere to permanent roads!

  • Event Organization
    Event Organization
  • Photo- and video production
    Photo- and video production
  • PR- and SMM-service
    PR- and SMM-service
  • Transport support
    Transport support
  • Branding of promoproducts and locations
    Branding of promoproducts and locations
  • Purchase of sports equipment
    Purchase of sports equipment
  • Repair works on sports facilities
    Repair works on sports facilities
  • Production of printed products
    Production of printed products

Tenders and procurement procedures of the Foundation

over the last three years

25 tenders organized and held at the begining of February 2023
22 companies won the tender at the begining of February 2023

Tender documentation:

In order to participate in the tender it is required to submit the following documents:

How do we choose the winners?

In order to qualitatively implement our plans and do not disappoint those, who entrusted their hopes and dreams to the Foundation, we select our partners very carefully. Later we become friends, working together side by side.

It is important for us to consider:

  • the reliability of the supplier
  • best tender price
  • proposed approach and methodology
  • professionalism of the applicant company’s staff members
  • completeness of documents