The competition among general-education and sports schools for the new sports equipment.

Many young people within Ukraine live in economically disadvantaged communities. Schools cannot always afford to supply their students with adequate equipment. As a result, children are not motivated to play sports -which is so important to a child’s health and character. This is not only due to the lack of new and quality equipment, but also out-dated types of games and teaching methods. Teachers and trainers aren’t able to improve
their skills through new innovative teaching methods and thus can’t better support the children.

To meet these needs, in 2013 the Klitschko Foundation created a project called “Success Packages”. The mission of the project is to provide accessible sport to all children within Ukraine and to turn the sports teacher into a role model for them. As a result of the project, children and teachers are to realize that they can be the driving force in their communities.

  • 278 packages
  • 53 240 children
    took part
  • 2504 applications

Project objectives:

  • - Individual level

    To empower each teacher to be a coach, facilitator, and tutor to their pupils.

  • - Organizational level

    To provide schools with a quality equipment and teachers with up-to-date knowledge for more effective sport.

  • - Community level

    To promote positive changes in underserved areas of society through sport activity.

Stage 1 Application & Selection

The sports teachers and children are asked to get creative and shoot a 3-minute video about their usual sporting activities in school and the conditions surrounding them. The selection criteria are clear motivation, readiness to implement changes in their local community and compliance of the team with the project requirements.

Stage 2 Training Program

The sports teachers and trainers get to participate in a three-day workshop designed to teach them innovative methodology and educational tools as well as raise important topics for young people.

Stage 3 Local Projects

When teachers returned to their communities, they shared the skills and knowledge which they received at the training. To this end, they implemented the local project for students at their school, encompassing the
educational and sports aspects. Teachers tried themselves out in the new roles performing as managers of the local projects. They were communicating with potential sponsors, media, and school administration. In this way, they became an active part of the local community.

Stage 4 Delivering the Success Packages

After the successful execution of the local projects, 360 schools received the “Success Packages” each of one consisted of balls, training shirts, stopwatches, jump ropes, whistles, training cones.

Participants: applications can be submitted by school-age children, their parents, trainers, and personnel from youth sports schools and other sports institutions.

Donation resources: The project is financed by money raised at Klitschko Foundation gala evenings and with support from Caparol, producer of high-quality eco-friendly paint.

Show Wladimir Klitschko how your sports school trains and win a Success Package with new equipment for training. Fight for your dream and never rest on your laurels!

Receive Success Package from Klitschko Foundation


Conditions of the competition:

In order to receive “Package of success” from the Klitschko Foundation, participation is open for students, their parents and coaches. You just have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Record a video about your sport section and tell us about your trainings
  • Download the video to a social network (Facebook, YouTube)
  • Register on system. You can not only receive “Package of success", but also get points for activities in other projects of the Foundation and exchange them for prizes
  • Fill an application with the link for your video
  • Engage your friends to support you on social networks



Competition among general-education schools for the sports playground. The project unites local communities and develop active healthy lifestyle

  • 201 playgrounds installed
  • 135 cities and villages took part
  • 15505 applications recieved
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