An online educational project for physical education teachers that will teach effective teaching methods and help to attract students to an active lifestyle, playing sports both at school and outside.

Sports play an important role in the formation of children. It affects the formation of cognitive and non-cognitive skills. Abilities acquired at the beginning of life are key factors for success in later life. An important place in a child's sports life is occupied by a physical education teacher or coach. He is a role model of behavior. The teacher unites the team, finds approaches to students and teaches how to overcome conflicts. He prepares the team for competitions and victories, which greatly affects the self-esteem of children.

In Ukraine, there is a problem with children's access to sports. We have poorly developed sports infrastructure and there is a lack of sports equipment in schools. Children are not motivated to attend physical education classes. Schools do not have new, high-quality and safe sports equipment, and teaching methods are outdated, without interesting games and exercises.
The mission of the project is to motivate and inspire physical education teachers, teach them new teaching methods, transform physical education lessons and make them more interesting, effective and creative.

Who can participate in the project?
Physical education teachers from every corner of Ukraine who strive to improve their level of professional training and modernize their own physical education lessons. 40 participants will be selected to participate in the project.

Registration for the project: September 7 - 18;
Announcement of results: September 21;
Training on the digital platform: September 26 - October 7;
Implementation of local projects: October 10 - 28.

Project format:
The project will take place in 2 stages:
1 stage - training;
2nd stage - implementation of a local project;

The local project consists of theoretical and practical parts. Within the framework of the theoretical part, the teacher conducts a lecture for students on one of the topics learned during the project, and in the practical part - organizes sports competitions for school students.

To complete the registration, it is necessary to provide a letter of guarantee according to the appropriate sample in the registration form.


Who can I contact with questions and for help?

If you have any questions, contact Dmytro Kryzhanivskyi, the manager of the "Success packages" project by e-mail ([email protected]) or write to our social networks on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) and Facebook (

Is it possible to participate in the project a second time?
Physical education teachers who previously participated in the project can also join the "Parcel of Success" 2022. It is worth noting that when selecting winning schools, preference will be given to schools that have not yet participated in the project.

Will all participants receive sports equipment after completing all stages of the project?
No. Among all the participants who will pass the theoretical and practical part of the project, those who demonstrate the greatest motivation to improve and develop their professional qualities, and those who successfully implement their local project in accordance with the requirements of the "Success packages" 2022, will be selected on a competitive basis.

Do I need to pay anything for participating in the project?
No, participation for physical education teachers is completely free.

Will participants receive a certificate of participation in the project?
Participants who successfully pass the theoretical part of the project on the Impactum platform will receive an online certificate. They will be able to download it in their personal account on the platform.
Those participants who successfully pass the theoretical part, as well as successfully implement the local project, will receive a second printed certificate together with sports equipment.

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Competition among general-education schools for the sports playground. The project unites local communities and develop active healthy lifestyle

  • 201 playgrounds installed
  • 135 cities and villages took part
  • 15505 applications recieved
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