10-day educational project for socially active teens, which was created to give knowledge and skills of the 21st century. Upon their return alumni organize local “Schools of success”.

If you have ambitious plans for the future, it is important to find a team whom encourage your point of view and to learn necessary skills of the 21st century. It’s the only way to success. Since 2011 Klitschko Foundation has been carrying out the summer educational project for ambitious youth, who want to change the world. For teens it is an opportunity not only to spend the summer effectively, but also to find new friends who will help to take an important step to their dream.

“Schools of success” helps teens to learn about business, social and commercial projects, to make a conscious choice about their future profession. Headed by mentors, they learn how to work within a team, create their own projects and present their own ideas. Well-known businessmen and public figures give teens advice about preparing the project. “Schools of success” is aimed to develop relevant for new generation skills, such as creative thinking, leadership, productivity, enterprise and information literacy etc. The project will help to achieve the active youth’s potential and help them to find out their identity.

An obligatory condition of participation is organization the local “School of success” in your village or town. It is a 2-day project for at least 30 peers. During the realization of this project teens implement gained knowledge and skills in practice. In this way youth in regions can join an informal education.

Needs and specificities of boys and girls in teen age differ. That's why they go through two different programs since 2016 year. They participate in the project in different arrivals.

Who can participate?

14-15 year-old boys and girls from throughout the territory of Ukraine are invited. You are our perfect participant if you want to develop, get new knowledge and ready to unleash your potential. If you feel the energy to make changes in your region -  fill in the form.


Till 28 February 2018 create an account in the system .

  1. Fill in your profile in the system.
  2. Choose item “Participate in School of Success”
  3. Write answers in every field of form.
  4. Upload your photo.
  5. Record a video (1 minute length) with help of any gadget (phone/webcam/camera) and tell us about yourself, your skills and hobbies. Give us a link for this video from Youtube. Pay attention! Video must remain on your page till 17 April inclusively.
  6. Make sure that your video-presentation isn’t in free access and it is possible to view it only on a link. Before uploading you should change the setting from “Free access” on the “Access via the link”.



18 March, 2019 Klitschko Foundation will announce 300 winners of the first stage of the contest.

From 19 March till 16 April 2019 from Monday to Thursday at 10 AM – 7 PM we will make interviews with the winners by the phone. We call one participant no more than 3 times.


19 April, 2019 we will announce the winners of free educational project “School of Success” by Klitschko Foundation. Before the actual project, the finalists do the managers’ tasks, such as reading books, watching films, writing essays, pass the test to identify the type of personality.

The project will take place in July.

  • 8 projects
    already completed
  • 1248 children
    took part
  • 135 local projects

Fight for your dream!


If you have any questions, call us from Monday to Friday (10 AM- 7 PM). Our number: +38 (044) 492 80 05. Ask for managers of the School of Success – Vova Andrievich or Ihor Yefimenko. You also can contact us by online-support in the system or by our social media pages.

School of success participants



3-month program aimed for the carrier advice for students of 2-4 year of study.

  • 8 rounds of internship
  • 2606 candidates for intern position
  • 146 students became interns
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