Safe lesson

An educational project that aims to help the school environment become more resilient and adapt to the conditions of war.


According to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Russia destroyed 424 and damaged 2,621 schools in Ukraine. This is approximately 20% of all schools in Ukraine. In addition, according to the UN, 433 children have died in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. These numbers are constantly increasing due to daily rocket and artillery attacks on civilian objects by Russian forces. Schools are often targeted by Russian missiles. This is a big blow to children's development prospects. War also has a strong negative psychological impact on children. Gradus Research published a study on the life of Ukrainian children during the war. 75% of parents claim that their children have symptoms of mental trauma - an "emotional swing", when the mood quickly and without external reasons changes from very good to extremely bad and vice versa. Also, every fifth child has a sleep disorder, and every tenth child has a reduced desire to communicate, nightmares, and memory loss.

Project mission

Creating a safe environment at school to help children return to normal life in war conditions.

Project format

The project will take place for 2 days in an offline format.

Timing and location of the event

The trainings will take place throughout the year at schools — that is, the Klitschko Foundation team will come to you. The school is only obliged to provide premises with shelter in the event of an air raid.

Project participants

Teachers, coaches and staff of secondary schools. The project will take place in several regions of Ukraine. The exact list of venues will be published in February. Priority will be given to front-line and border areas where the acquired skills will be more in demand.

Project program

- Conducting two-day offline trainings for 600 teachers. The first day of the training will be devoted to the psychological support of children affected by the war and how to properly organize the educational process. The second day of the training will be devoted to first aid.

- We will also create an online course for teachers as part of the project. There, teachers can learn how to provide psychological support to teenagers and children in wartime. The course will be available on our Impactum platform for everyone and is free.


We will open the registration form very soon. If you want our team to come to you, you can fill out the pre-registration form and leave us your contacts. We will inform you when registration for the project opens.

Project partners

The project is implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine


If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail ([email protected]) or write to our social networks on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) and Facebook (


Safe lesson

An educational project that aims to help the school environment become more resilient and adapt to the conditions of war.

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