An online philosophical seminar for teens that will help participants develop critical and creative thinking skills, form goals for the future and define their life path


Adolescence is the time when we are looking for our place in this world, form goals for adulthood, and think about the issues of life purpose. It is a period that shapes us as a person. Often teens are left alone with questions that worry them, and they need to look for answers on their own.

The mission of the project is to help teenagers find themselves, form a worldview and enlist the support of like-minded people from every corner of Ukraine. During the seminar, participants receive motivation for self-development, form goals for the future, with the participation of moderators, they will discuss with their peers the challenges they face every day: choosing a future profession, relationships in the family and society, defending their position.

At the philosophical seminar, participants:

- discuss topics that concern them: vocation in life, love, dignity, happiness, moral values. Participants will receive a collection of materials for a preliminary introduction to topics through classical philosophical texts and biographies of leaders;

- together with the moderators, they will conduct a dialogue, review educational videos and films, analyze philosophical texts, consider practical assignments;

- will meet with guests who will share their story of achievements and defeats, talk about the values ​​and rules that govern in life;

- will conduct their own projects for peers, learn to communicate with stakeholders, the media, maintain pages of their project in social networks.

Who can participate?

We invite motivated teens aged 14-16 to participate, who are in grade 10, are ready to think outside the box, take responsibility for changes in society and become a mouthpiece for progressive ideas.

Project format

All details about the project will appear later. In order not to miss the start of the project, we recommend filling out the form with your contacts. So we can personally inform you about all the details of the project: 

Project partner

The Aspen Institute Kyiv is a Ukrainian non-party public union that supports the development of value-based leadership, fosters a culture of dialogue and creates opportunities for the exchange of ideas.


The project is funded by the organizers of the project the Klitschko Foundation and the public union Aspen Institute Kyiv.


If you have any questions, please contact the manager Igor Yefymenko by e-mail [email protected] or write to our social networks on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) and Facebook (



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