The online-project for sport coaches within #FootballPeople weeks 2020

The Klitschko Foundation is joining the international movement  #FootballPeople, in which more than 50 countries all over the world participate this year. During the project participants will get to know how to fight different forms of discrimination that girls in football face. These sessions will be an opportunity for participants to acquire skills and instruments which help girls to overcome psychological difficulties related to discrimination and strengthen the potential of trainers. 

The selection criteria:

  • To be a trainer of a school or a football team in one of 24 regions of Ukraine.
  • To visit online-seminars in Zoom.
  • To implement a seminar for pupils after the educating module. Each participant will get a methodical book “#FootballPeople”.

The terms of participation:

Within 10 days after the project participants have to hold local classes for young sportswomen which are led to raise girls’ involvement in various sporting activities. 


An online-session is taking place on October 12. During this session coaches are going to discuss next topics: encouraging women to do football and sports in general. The project participants will get an opportunity to meet with Ukrainian activists and champions. At the end of these classes trainers will prepare guidelines and the list of recommendations about girls’ physical activity. 

Registration for the project 

Till the 9-th of October. Apply via link: bit.ly/2HP0zMO

Give answers to all the questions of the form to be selected.

Project timeline:

The date of the project: October 12

The dates of implementing local projects: October 13-22

Format of the project: online, via Zoom.

Participation is free of charge.


FareNet is an organization, which is based on the network of non-governmental organizations, sport clubs and groups of fans who are focused on fighting all the forms of discrimination at every sport level. Opposing racism, homophobia, far-right nationalism and discrimination against people with disabilities, FareNet created #FootballPeople Weeks as a way to combat discrimination in football. FareNet is a partner and a donor of the Klitschko Foundation in our anti-discrimination seminars for sports coaches, providing training materials used in previous projects conducted within #FootballPeople Weeks.



The online-project for sport coaches within #FootballPeople weeks 2020

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