First Aid Project

The project for teachers and students is designed to teach first aid


According to UN data, as of January 16, 2023, 7,031 civilians have died as a result of the war in Ukraine, of which 433 are children. This number is constantly increasing due to the daily rocket and artillery attacks on civilian objects by Russian forces. A large percentage of people die from untimely and improper first aid. According to research, even relatively simple actions such as stopping the bleeding can save up to 54% of victims. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, a small percentage of teachers have the skills to provide first aid, although according to the law, they are obliged to know it. We work specifically with teachers because they spend a lot of time with children during the day.

Project mission

Training of teachers and students in the rules of providing first aid and providing schools with first aid kits.

Project program

30 two-day trainings will be held in general education and sports schools. 30 participants from 100 schools will take part in each training. During the training, the participant will learn the basics of pre-medical care and receive a course completion certificate. First aid kits will be provided to all participating schools. The trainings will take place throughout the year at schools — that is, the Klitschko Foundation team will come to you. The school is only obliged to provide premises with shelter in the event of an air raid.

Project participants

Teachers, coaches and staff of secondary and sports schools. The project will take place in several regions of Ukraine. The exact list of venues will be published in February. Priority will be given to front-line and border areas where the acquired skills will be more in demand.

Project partners

The project is implemented in partnership with UEFA Foundation for Children.


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First Aid Project

Проєкт для вчителів та учнів покликаний навчити надавати першу медичну допомогу

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