Менторський проєкт для підлітків, який має на меті надати їм підтримку для професійного та особистісного розвитку в майбутньому.


Only the youth will make our country successful in the future. At the same time, it is important that she has two important things: knowledge baggage and a goal. If the process of acquiring knowledge is difficult, but at least understandable, then almost all high school students face the problem of choosing professions or goals.

According to the estimates of experts in the field of education in Ukraine, about 44% of university graduates do not work by profession, and about 15% of all adult representatives of the population. This is due to the fact that applicants do not understand all the complexities of the future profession, or are disappointed in the chosen profession.

Why does this happen? Because in adolescence, when girls and boys choose the trajectory of career development, and there is no support from those who could help in solving such a difficult issue. This problem becomes especially noticeable now, when the problem of choosing a specialty is accompanied by a mental crisis, uncertainty and lack of understanding of one's own prospects in wartime conditions. Our solution is to provide teenagers with an adult mentor who is an example and could share their own acquired experience in solving problematic issues, even beyond the sole definition of a professional trajectory.

The mission of the project is to create a career guidance support movement in Ukrainian society for teenagers, who usually at their age find themselves at the crossroads of professions, ways of obtaining education and in search of their destination.

Who can participate?

In the role of mentee, we invite teenagers studying in 10th and 11th grades to participate.
In the role of mentors, we will be glad to see specialists from various fields
30 teenagers and 30 mentors will be invited to the project.


- To be in the 10-11th grade;
- Complete the questionnaire;
- Have motivation and desire to work.


For the mentee

For a mentor


August 8 - September 8: collection of questionnaires;

September 19: announcement of selection results;
September 23 - 24: introductory Zoom meeting with participants;
October - November: meeting of mentors and mentees, which will last 8 weeks;
November 25 - 26: last reflection meetings.


All meetings will be held online. If the mentor and mentees wish, meetings can take place offline, however, subject to compliance with all safety rules and personal agreement.


The project is financed by the Klitschko Foundation.


If you have any questions, please contact the manager of the "eleMentor" project Ihor Yefimenko by e-mail ([email protected]) or write to our social networks on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/KlitschkoFoundation/).



Менторський проєкт для підлітків, який має на меті надати їм підтримку для професійного та особистісного розвитку в майбутньому.

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