A 3-month internship that provides professional experience and understanding of career prospects in Ukraine for Ukrainian students studying abroad.


The concept of «brain drain»  has not been new to Ukrainian society. According to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index, Ukraine's ability to retain talent ranks 129 out of 137 countries.  This is due to the challenges that students face such as lack of understanding of the peculiarities of development in the field of interest in Ukraine. As well as employers looking for professionals with experience,  and there being a lack of opportunities due to distance. On the other hand, in countries where Ukrainians study abroad, there are very few internship opportunities for exchange students. We are ready to demonstrate that our first work experience can be gained in Ukraine and that there are organizations and companies that are ready to help students in this.


The Dreamship project is designed to create conditions for Ukrainian students studying abroad to gain their first work experience and start integrating it into the professional environment in Ukraine.


During the internship, interns will be able to:

- Develop their own career growth plan, start implementing it and track your progress during your internship at the foundation;

- Gain work experience and develop their soft- and hard-skills by working on real tasks from Klitschko Foundation managers;

- Receive feedback on their tasks and have support from project organizers;

- Join networking with experts in project management, emotional intelligence, career advancement, public speaking, etc.

- Work in a team and develop an idea of ​​their own project that can be implemented;

- Learn about the field of charity particularly in Ukraine;

- Have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of other NGOs in Ukraine and undergo an intensive 2-week online internship;

- Get recommendations for further employment;

Who is involved in the project?

Ukrainian students studying abroad.

Selection criteria:

- Age - 18 years and older;

- Interest in project management / communications / fundraising;

- Available for a video  interview;

- Passing  online interviews and test task;

- Opportunity to work online 20-25 hours per week.

An important note: the specialty in which the student is studying does not play an important role. You can study bioengineering or directing, but if you are interested in project management and want to gain knowledge and skills in this field, we are  glad to see you alongside the other interns.

During the internship, interns must take the Synergy course on the Impactum digital platform.


Online, 20-25 hours a week. The internship is unpaid.


14-31.06 - submission of questionnaires;

1-2.06 - passing the interview and performing the test task (time and date are discussed with the participant individually);

3.06 - announcement of selection results via emails;

7.06-7.09 - internship period;

Application form



If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or contact us on our social networks on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/KlitschkoFoundation/).

Project history

2020 - Two students, Darya Malevka and Darya Shepetko, applied for an internship in the summer. Both girls studied abroad in France and Latvia, respectively. At the time, the girls were looking for summer internships to gain experience so they would meet the requirements of their university's  mandatory educational process of being involved in an internship. We were the ones who gave the students the  opportunity to do so. Interestingly, neither the girls nor the team at the foundation had ever seen each other in person, but the effectiveness of cooperation had not been affected. Subsequently, the interns even implemented the Teenovation project within the foundation. For us, this was the first experience of organizing an online internship for students from abroad.

2021 - At the beginning of the year we launched an internship in the communications department. We currently have students from abroad again among the interns.  The director of the fund Alina Nosenko offered to implement a project for Ukrainian students and help them gain their first experience. She was able to respond to the current demand of young adults abroad who were in search for an internship. We, a team of foundations and interns, began working on the development of the program. Thus was born the project "Dreamship", the name of which speaks for itself - it's an internship for dreamers. We started our dream internship!



3-місячне стажування, яке надає професійний досвід і розуміння кар’єрних перспектив в Україні для українських студентів, що навчаються за кордоном.

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