Democracy Hubs Ukraine

An educational project designed to promote democratic culture, dialogue, debate skills, human rights values ​​and active citizenship among young people.


Democratic values ​​are the basis for the development and growth of any country. Now all Ukrainians have to defend these values ​​on various fronts. Our team defends them on the educational front in order to form in Ukrainian youth a vision of the country's development according to the principles of democracy. However, in the conditions in which Ukraine lives in recent months, there are significant obstacles for this - from the life and safety of Ukrainians to the fact that about 7.7 million Ukrainians emigrated abroad or changed their permanent place of residence.

Together with our partners, The New Democracy Fund and Crossing Borders, we launched this project in order to create a favorable environment for the active participation of young people in democratic processes, taking on all the challenges. Thus, the project will become a unifying element for participants, who will be able to gain knowledge and skills for community development, and become participants in the dialogue and implementation of reforms in settlements. The project is a logical continuation of the Democracy Hub project, which we implemented in 2021.


To contribute to providing Ukrainian youth with a platform for active participation in the country's democratic development.

For whom

Ukrainian youth aged 14-19 from different regions of Ukraine, with different social and cultural origins.

Requirements for participants

  • To be a teenager aged 14-19.
  • The questionnaire is 100% filled out.
  • Motivation to participate in the project.
  • Knowledge of the English language at the B1 level.


Includes several levels:

Regional: holding two debate camps for participants from all over Ukraine.

National: winners of regional debate camps will be able to compete with each other in the city of Kyiv.

International: the participation of the winners of the All-Ukrainian debate in the panel debate, which will be held in Copenhagen (Denmark).


  • July 25 - August 15 - registration for the project;
  • August 18 - announcement of information on the passing of 20 participants of the selection;
  • August 21-27 - holding the first debate camp;
  • September 4-10 - second debate camp;
  • September-October - national debates in the city of Kyiv;

Read the program of debate camps at the link.

In addition, everyone always can take our Democracy Hub digital course on the Impactum platform. This year, the course will be supplemented with new topics and relevant information.

Topics of the digital course:

  • what are the political regimes? — in simple words;
  • methodology of influences of different regimes;
  • psychoanalysis of Ukrainians and why we are different;
  • disinformation, practical module — we consider bot farms, we allocate a separate part to bloggers, mass media;
  • how democracies work, their structure. And where is the citizen in this structure? the most prominent democracies in the world — or the search for references;
  • what Ukraine needs to take a step forward (index of democracies in the world and consideration of EU requirements for accession);
  • cons of democracy — distortion of the term;
  • digital democracy.


The project is implemented in partnership with The New Democracy Fund and Crossing Borders. 


If you have any questions, please contact the project managers Vasyl Teremta ([email protected]) or Oksana Diadiura ([email protected]).


Democracy Hubs Ukraine

Освітній проєкт, покликаний сприяти розвитку демократичної культури, діалогу, навичок дебатування, цінностей прав людини та активної громадянської позиції серед молоді.

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