Educational platform and online project aimed at developing a community of proactive youth


A nationwide survey conducted by the New Europe Center and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) in collaboration with the sociological company GfK revealed a dangerous tendency that most Ukrainian youth are not interested in social activity and do not participate in political or social activities. This is due to the distrust of young people in state and public initiatives. This situation can be changed if conditions are created for civic education of young people and their involvement in democratic processes.

The mission of the project is to create an environment for the development of communication skills, increasing interest in democracy, human rights, strengthening youth leadership and active citizenship.

Who can participate?

Teenagers aged 14-18 from all over Ukraine.

Selection criteria:

- be a teenager 14-18 years old;

- reside on the territory of Ukraine;

- 100% completed questionnaire;

- motivation to participate in the project;

- proficiency in English at the B1/B2 level. The presence of a certificate confirming the level of knowledge is not required.

Participants on the project:

  • get motivated to participate in social life and volunteering, as well as learn about opportunities for self-development;
  • will take online trainings and find themselves in the environment of like-minded people, where they will be able to implement public initiatives in the life of their community;
  • become participants in friendly debates, where they will discuss national and global challenges;
  • after the educational modules they will have the opportunity to go to the online platform, where they can always update their knowledge;
  • learn to work in teams, improve communication, presentation and facilitation skills;
  • get acquainted with the values ​​of democracy;
  • will be able to feel like members of a proactive community and join the Klitschko Foundation community.

Project program

The project will take place in several formats:

  • 3 trainings;
  • debate tournament;
  • online course.


40 teenagers can take part in each activity. Also, during 2021, teenagers will be able to take part in lectures and seminars from experts on various topics within the project every month.

At the moment, the recruitment of participants for the project is not open yet.

An online course within the project is planned to be launched in May. It will become a place for young people who want to develop their skills and be part of a proactive community.

The online course is designed to:

  • form the competence of young people to solve social problems;
  • promote democratic values;
  • provide an opportunity for young people to create their own initiatives;
  • improve the quality of youth work and community workers;
  • convey the importance of dialogue in society;
  • talk about the relationship between global and local challenges and the possibility of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • to convey the acquired knowledge and results to the society.

Project partners

The project is being implemented in partnership with Crossing Borders with funding from CISU.

Crossing Borders is a non-profit community organization that promotes active citizenship among youth.

CISU is an independent association with 280+ Danish civil society organizations that are involved in the development of regions such as Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

If you have any questions, please contact the project manager Vasily Teremta by e-mail [email protected] or write to our social networks on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) and Facebook (



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