Competition among secondary schools for the establishment of sports grounds, uniting local communities and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle


According to a study by the British company ChildWise, 99.8% of European schoolchildren aged 11 to 16 have mobile phones, personal electronic gadgets and constant access to the Internet. Therefore, children often spend their free time on social networks and playing computer games. Instead of playing in the yard and developing physically, they sit in front of computer screens and televisions. Added to this is the lack of sports infrastructure and the lack of popularity of sports among children.

The mission of the project is to unite local communities and popularize an active and healthy lifestyle by providing the necessary infrastructure.


The participants were children of school age, their parents, teachers, school administrators, local public organizations from all over Ukraine.

Project format

Potential participants told stories of their sports activities in video or photo format and received permission from the school director to establish a site. If the application was included in the list of winners, then soon a sports ground was equipped on the school grounds.


The project was funded by the Klitschko Foundation and the Coca-Cola Foundation.

The project existed from 2005 to 2018. In 2018, the project was completed.

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