International boxing tournament among youth of class A, after which the best boxers go to represent their country at the world and European championships


Young people have always needed and still need support to develop their talents and fulfill their desires. It's good when there are always those who are ready to help. Then the youth gets everything they need to develop and reach the top. The participation in the tournament is an important step for ambitious and successful youth, and becomes a springboard for further victories at the European and World Championships. It also provides all the opportunities for exchange of experience with other tournament participants and for the formation of intercultural dialogue.

The mission of the project is to popularize boxing as an Olympic sport among young people, improve the sports skills of participants, strengthen and develop friendly relations with boxers from Ukraine and abroad, popularize a healthy lifestyle among the population, and discover young talented athletes.

Who are the participants?

Young boxers with sports qualifications of at least 1 sports category.

About 150 participants took part in the competition annually. Thanks to this tournament, the boxing world first recognized the future Olympic champions Vasily Lomachenko and Alexander Usik, the world champion Yevgeny Khitrov, the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games Vyacheslav Glazkov, as well as many other outstanding athletes who from year to year increase the glory of Ukrainian sports.

The tournament was initiated by the boxing community of Ukraine in 1998 and supported by Vitaly and Volodymyr Klitschko. Since the creation of the Klitschko Foundation in 2003, the tournament has acquired project status and has since been held under the auspices of the Foundation.

The project was completed in 2018.

Financing the project

It was financed by the Klitschko Foundation and with the support of partners.


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  • 1923 спортсменів
    взяли участь
  • 33 країни світу
  • 750 боксерів
    отримали призи





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