Zero Waste School received the 2020 Energy Globe Award!

Проєкт «Zero Waste School» отримав важливу нагороду – 2020 Energy Globe Award за найкращий національний проєкт в Україні!

The Zero Waste School project received an important award the 2020 Energy Globe Award for the best national project in Ukraine!

This award is considered one of the most prestigious environmental awards. For more than 20 years, the Energy Globe Award has recognized the world's most innovative and unique sustainable development solutions and the best national and international projects related to environmental issues.

This year, 187 countries submitted their initiatives to the competition we became the winners among Ukrainian projects. The Zero Waste School project has been awarded for innovation in educational processes and how communities from all over the country are involved in change through the project.

This award is extremely important for us, because it shows that our project is valuable for the development of society, and this in turn motivates us to work on the project in the future, as well as to improve it.

Among other successes of the project is that the project program was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science. Now every educational institution in Ukraine has access to the curriculum for extracurricular education in environmental sciences and natural sciences "Eco-style: waste management" and can join the study of the concept of "zero waste".

As part of the Zero Waste School project, we created an ecology course. The lesson was broadcast on eight Ukrainian TV channels and on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

We also launched an online course "Ecoacademy" and currently more than 9,000 participants have passed the course, passed the exam and received a certificate.

We do not stop at these achievements, so we continue to work on the project further!