Zero Waste School project starts!

An eco-friendly way of life is getting closer, and waste sorting is clear and accessible!

An eco-friendly way of life is getting even closer, and waste sorting is clear and accessible!

For the fourth year in a row, together with the Coca-Cola Foundation, we are launching the Zero Waste School project.


We are convinced that this project is necessary, and here's why:


- we live in conditions of environmental debt - we use more resources of the Earth than it can renew in a year;


- if the whole world left such an ecological footprint as the Ukrainians, two such planets would be needed to survive;


- we have one planet;


- we need to act now.


We invite pupils who share our values, strive to develop their community and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.


The following super-environmental activities await the participants:


- training in waste sorting, 5R principles and eco-friendly lifestyle;


- mastering all stages of creating your own project: from negotiations to finding funding, from risk forecasting to strategy building;


- acquaintances with well-known public activists who will tell you how to overcome obstacles in the way;


- meetings with opinion leaders in the field of ecology, who will share their professional experience.


The project will take place in digital format on our digital platform Impactum.


More about the project here:


The project is implemented by the Klitschko Foundation with the financial support of the Coca-Cola Foundation.