Your chance to develop communication skills at the Klitschko Foundation!

Klitschko Foundation launches the Skills Elevator project for teenagers!

Do you want to expand your horizons in journalism, copywriting, SMM and PR, media and design?

Try yourself as a communicator, doing creative homework, and get personal feedback from experts?

Do you want to communicate with experts in the communication world and get answers to all your questions?

Don't waste time!

Fill out the form, because there are not so many places in our "Skills Elevator" =)

But first read more about the project.

Skills Elevator is an educational project for teenagers aimed at developing communication skills through volunteering.

Terms of participation:

- to study in 10-11 classes;

- have a desire to develop their communication skills;

- have stable access to the Internet.

Stages of selection

According to the results of the selection of questionnaires, 30 participants will be selected to participate in the semifinals.

Semifinalists will be required to take part in a post-writing challenge.

According to the results of the semifinals, 15 participants will be selected to participate in the training part, which involves participation in 10 classes and 5 practical tasks.

The 5 best participants will be able to volunteer at the Klitschko Foundation for 1 month.

In the project, participants will be able to gain knowledge and develop skills on the following topics:

- writing texts;

- storytelling;

- basics of design;

- interaction with the media;

- PR and SMM;

- external communications;

- fact-checking.

Participants who show the best results of their participation in the project will be able to join the real work in the communication department of the Klitschko Foundation as volunteers for 1 month!

Participation timeline:

27.9-11.10 - submission of questionnaires

14.10 - announcement of the semifinalists

15-19.10 - challenge

22.10 - announcement of the finalists

24.10-1.11 - educational part

1-27.11 - volunteering

Project format: online through the Zoom application.



If you have any questions - write to Tarasiuk Sofiia ([email protected])