Winners of the Zero Waste School 2020 project

25 schools from all over Ukraine will receive presses!

This year, 75 schools took part in the Zero Waste School project, and 25 of them will receive presses within 2 weeks to help briquette waste and transfer it for recycling.

The criteria for selecting the winners were:

- number of participants involved in the local project;

- interaction in social networks and coverage of project activities in the media;

- availability of receipts for delivered waste and a report on the work performed;

- observance of deadlines for submission of reports on local projects;

- reporting of project coaches and mentors for each of the teams.

Together with our partner, The Coca-Cola Foundation, we are happy to welcome the winners and believe that participating in the project gave them the necessary knowledge, skills and motivated them to spread a culture of sorting and sustainable use of secondary raw materials in their regions.

Volyn region:

  1. Municipal institution ‘Buzhankiv Lyceum named after Mykola Korzonyuk’

Dnipropetrovsk region:

  1. Municipal institution Nikopol secondary school of I-III degrees № 10

Zhytomyr region:

  1. Lyceum №25, Zhytomyr

Zakarpatskiy region:

  1. Dubrynytsia comprehensive school of I-III degrees

Zaporizhzhya region:

  1. Zaporizhzhya gymnasium №25 of the humanitarian profile of the Zaporizhzhya city council of the Zaporizhzhya region

Kyiv region:

  1. Irpin comprehensive school of I-III degrees №17
  2. ONZ Hrebinka NVK
  3. Pereyaslav gymnasium

Kirovograd region:

  1. NVK ‘Znamyanskaya Secondary School of I-III grades G3 -gymnasium’

Luhansk region:

  1. Lysychansk comprehensive school of I-III degrees №26
  2. Lysychansk comprehensive school of I-III grades №5 of Lysychansk city council of Luhansk region

Lviv region:

  1. Institution of general secondary education named after Ivan Franko in the village of Ralivka

Mykolaiv region:

  1. Mykolayiv comprehensive school of I-III degrees № 31

Poltava region:

  1. Lubny Secondary School №3
  2. Myrhorod gymnasium named after Taras Shevchenko of Myrhorod city council of Poltava region

Rivne region:

  1. Smordviv Secondary School of I-III grades

Sumy region:

  1. Okhtyrka comprehensive school of I-III degrees № 3

Kharkiv region:

  1. Donetsk comprehensive school of I-III degrees №2 of Balakliia district council of Kharkiv region
  2. Municipal institution ‘Merefyanskaya Secondary School of I-III grades №3’

Khmelnytsky region:

  1. Izyaslav educational complex ‘Secondary school of I-III degrees №5 them. OP Onischuk, gymnasium’
  2. Shumsky educational complex - gymnasium

Cherkasy region:

  1. Buzovsky institution of general secondary education of I-III degrees of Buzovsky village council of Zhashkovsky region of Cherkasy region
  2. Dmytrushkiv Lyceum, Dmytrushkiv Village Council, Uman District, Cherkasy Region
  3. Smilyansky educational complex ‘Preschool educational institution - comprehensive school of I-III degrees №15’
  4. Yurkivskyi NVK

If you haven't seen your school, don't worry. In the process of implementing your local project, you have found like-minded people among members of the community, school staff, the administration of your community, and all those who have joined your project. Keep fighting to raise environmental awareness in your area, because the work you have already started as part of the Zero Waste School project is worth it. See you in the next projects of the fund!

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