Winners of the first stage of selection for the internship

Hello! Our happiness knows no bounds, because this year we received a record number of questionnaires for internships - 1,010 fighters for their dreams have filled out a questionnaire and are ready for the next stages of testing. You are extraordinary, we are proud of you!

We have reviewed your questionnaires and are announcing the names of the 50 winners of the first stage.

Athari-Allaf Kateryna Akhmadivna

Bakhareva Darya Vadimivna

Bondarenko Eleonora Enesivna

Bratsuk Anastasia Maximovna

Brovko Anna Valentinovna

Buryak Anastasia Vladimirovna

Bushuyeva Eva Konstantinovna

Vyhovska Tetyana Serhiivna

Gafurova Antonina Salavatovna

Hrytsyna Zoryana Borysivna

Guseva Olesya Serhiivna

Davydenko Sviatoslava Romanivna

Denisenko Vladislav Vitalievich

Didyk Yuliya Volodymyrivna

Uncle Oksana Viktorivna

Ivashchenko Olga Andreevna

Denis Sergeevich Ilnitsky

Kanevsky Dmitry Viktorovich

Katsev Ariel Shmuel'ovich

Kvyat Oleksandra Viktorivna

Sour Victoria Olehivna

Komarin Victoria Nikolaevna

Kornida Katarina Yuriyivna

Kudlay Lyubov Oleksiivna

Kuzyk Nadiya Stepanovna

Kushnir Elizaveta Vyacheslavivna

Laskina Irina Alexandrovna

Levitska Kateryna Yuriyivna

Lezhanina Lolita Alexandrovna

Lepshina Vladislava Olehivna

Mamoylyk Victoria Olehivna

Nikolaeva Vitaly Alexandrovna

Nikulin Daniil Yuriyovych

Oryshchyn Roksoliana Nazarivna

Petrovska Victoria Leonidovna

Amendment Olga Andreevna

Romanyuk Olga Olehivna

Romanyuk Tetyana Serhiivna

Savkiv Anna Volodymyrivna

Sinelnyk Kateryna Olehivna

Skrypnyk Maya Serhiivna

Stetsenko Bohdana Volodymyrivna

Ferinska Anna Ihorivna

Khomenyuk Yana Mykolayivna

Shevchenko Veronika Andreevna

Shmitko Violeta Vitaliyivna

Shcherbatyuk Olena Volodymyrivna

Yarmak Yana Yuriyivna

Yaroshchuk Valeriy Oleksandrovych

Yashchenko Maria Olehivna

What's next? On September 1, the winners will receive an "Active Citizens" training. We will get to know each other better, better understand the goals, learn about values, learn to work in a team and hear each other. Then - an interview with fund managers. There we will be able to get acquainted already in the professional plane. So prepare your CV, portfolio, if there is a short self-presentation for 3 minutes.

What if I didn't pass or didn't have time to send the questionnaire? You will still have a lot of opportunities to join us - subscribe to the Foundation's Facebook and Instagram pages and follow new projects. In addition, on the pages you will find information about how the internship takes place: interns will tell you about the selection process and work in the Foundation, you will receive insights from them that will help you in the future to be more productive internship. We want you to be with us, so we will ask the secrets of future interns, catch cool shots and share it with you.

Fight for your dream!