What will 2021 be like for the Klitschko Foundation

We enter into 2021 with new plans, projects, new team member, and interesting challenges.

2020 was a year of innovation for us we changed the usual format of activities and switched to the format of online projects, for the first time held graduations in the form of live broadcast and worked remotely.

During the strategic sessions which we held in December 2020, we considered several options. Offline projects still seem inaccessible to us for several reasons:

there is no clear understanding of when the quarantine will end or new possible lockdowns will begin. During 2020, quarantine was constantly extended, as we expected in March, making it impossible to plan offline projects;

there are no forecasts as to when the population of Ukraine can be vaccinated. According to very optimistic forecasts, the vaccine from COVID-19 may arrive in Ukraine only in the summer of 2021. However, the first to be vaccinated will be the priority groups people with a critical and high risk of infection and people who provide support for society (medical workers, the military, employees of educational institutions). The government plans to vaccinate them by March 2022. Therefore, the issue of public protection and access to a safe vaccine against COVID-19 remains open;

a new strain of coronavirus has been found in the UK. The countries are closing off transport links with the United Kingdom, but the mutated virus has already been found in Japan, Australia, and South Africa. It is unknown how the virus will mutate further and with what consequences for humans.

Given these challenges, in 2021 all Klitschko Foundation projects will be implemented in digital format.

In 2021, the implementation of the following projects is planned:

 School of Success, Package of Success, Zero Waste School, ProCharity, Democracy Hub through our new digital platform.

 Realms of the Future, Football for Everyone and Education and Commitment as a Strategy to Fight Against Doping as online projects using the Zoom application or in another format.

Also, the Study visit for the grassroots trainers project is waiting for the borders to be opened so that participants from different countries can join the project.

Maybe during the year we will add to the list of projects or implement pilot projects because the modern world requires us to be flexible, adaptable, and bold!

The past year has shown us that online projects can be interesting, effective, and efficient. We experimented, researched, and, as a result, formed our vision of online education. This year we continue to move in the same direction we will improve, change formats and launch new initiatives that will be available to everyone in Ukraine.

The meeting place of the foundation's community will be a new unique digital platform with special functionality and content. On this platform, everybody will be able to join the fund's projects in an updated format.

Also this year we are conducting external monitoring and evaluation of our activities over the past 5 years to analyze the fund's projects. This will help us to track all processes, impacts, and results, and based on the findings to further improve our projects and think about new ones.

Also, we are starting ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification. To obtain the ISO 9001 certificate of conformity, we will create an improved system of documentation for quality control of project management a variety of policies that will regulate our actions, help to properly implement processes, and make the best management decisions in philanthropic activities.

Obtaining an ISO certificate and carrying out external independent monitoring and evaluation of activities are steps to improve the work of the fund, its sustainability. We believe that this will allow us to implement projects that will have an even greater impact on positive changes in society.

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We are confident that with the support of our community, partners, donors, and all those who share our values, we will be able to reach new heights and continue to fight for the dreams of young people.