We’ve already launched the “Challenge Academy” project!

After a 1-year break, the international project “Challenge Academy” has started again, experiencing its first time online!

DFB-Stiftung Egidius Braun is our partner in this project. Together with them we gathered 30 creative and highly-motivated Ukrainian and German adolescents. They will go through an intensive 6-day online course to find out about their purpose and potential contribution to a society.

On the project participants will:

- get to know a Wladimir Klitschko’s  «F.A.C.E. – the Challenge» method;

- find out how they can care about planet and create changes in their society;

- set their future goals;

- develop leadership; 

- form new ecological habits; 

- practice their English.

The programme of the project is unique and based on a Wladimir Klitschko’s  «F.A.C.E. – the Challenge» method. Here is more detailed review of its main components: 

F  — Focus which means combining of personal and collective views;

A Agility which means being initiative and planning of our actions;

C Coordination which means seeking for synergies with surroundings; 

E Endurance which means long-term implementation of positive actions.

Every day of the «Challenge Academy» project one of the «F.A.C.E. – the Challenge» method’s blocks will be considered. This consideration consists in three main sessions, which cover different points of view on the concrete topic.

The mission of our project is teaching teenagers to be socially active, to perceive the world rationally and become the creators of changes in local communities.

Our partner is DFB-Stiftung Egidius Braun. This foundation of German Football Association is named after its president Egidius Braun. Except a sustainable sport support, this charity organization works also in social way.

Follow the news on our social media and the Klitschko Foundation’s website to know more about our participants’ progress.

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