We summarize the results of the pilot project — Teenovation!

Develop your business idea from A to Z in 15 years? Teenovation members can do it! Read more about the pilot project in this article.

Teenagers have an extraordinary passion and energy to change the world for the better with their brilliant ideas! Who knows, maybe the future Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg with undiscovered talents is hiding among them. So a 7-day course in entrepreneurship Teenovation comes to the rescue!

The project aims to develop adolescents' knowledge and skills about business and create all the conditions for them to feel like real business leaders.

There were 10 boys and 10 girls, united by a common goal to make their initiative a reality! And just imagine these are students of 8-10 grades!

Business modeling, management, marketing, finance, fundraising, life hacks on entrepreneurship all this not only in Ukrainian but also in English! For 7 days the participants joined the following lectures:

- Training ‘Active Citizens’ by Maria Palivoda;

- ‘Master class on design thinking Stanford Methodology’ by Valeria Holierova;

- ‘Case Study: Casers.org from Ideation to Validation’ by Yevhen Ursalov;

- ‘Business Modeling and Business Canvas’ by Kateryna Mykhalko;

- ‘Strategy’ from Julia Alekseeva;

- ‘Fundraising in the startup ecosystem’ by Olga Afanasieva;

- ‘Pitching’ by Mykola Apetyk.

Vladimir, a participant in Teenovation, shared his impressions:

‘I decided to take part in the project because I am interested in business and I wanted to get an example of applying theoretical knowledge in practice. The lectures were cool! I liked the performance of Yevhen Ursalov the most. He is an incredibly cool person, motivator, practitioner, and scholar. During my participation in the project, I was helped by determination and readiness for something new. I understood why investors invest not only in an idea but in people, in a team. By the way, we had the best Team! Everyone helped each other, everyone was friendly to differences of interest and fondly offered their ideas. Answering the questions that concern us, we realized that we have a common value caring for the environment. Together in the team, we created our business idea, which we called ‘Eco sort. It consists of the manufacture of tanks for sorting and organization of garbage removal from cities and villages of Ukraine. After ‘Teenovation’, I defined my range of development and was motivated to do something grand’.

At the end of the project, each team had to present their business idea to Alina Nosenko and Yevhen Ursalov, who were in the role of the jury. Then a panel discussion with representatives of successful business organizations: Audrey Pi (WiTech), Artem Laptev (Mavka), Nikita Vladikin (nuka.me), and George Sokolov (EDUKOHT). And the end of the project was marked by the final online party from Oleksiy Safin, who played a DJ set!

Here is how one of the organizers of ‘Teenovation’ — Daria Malevka tells about the project:

‘Teenovation is a project in which we have invested our souls. These are 20 energetic teenagers eager to learn about the new world of business and immerse themselves in their startups; 5 mentors who successfully lead the teams and 3 volunteers who are always ready to help and business experts from around the world who motivates, educates, and charges. It is a feeling of warmth and wet eyes when you see the participants and realize that it was not in vain. Teenovation is like a family! We want to grow, act and improve Ukraine together!’

Daria Shepetko, the organizer, also shared her thoughts:

‘I am incredibly amazed at how our idea, created as part of an internship at the foundation 5 months ago, evolved into a project. I admire how many talented business professionals have joined Teenovation and the mission in general! And I am even more proud of our participants, who were not afraid to leave the comfort zone and used all opportunities to the maximum! The result of the project was 5 great ideas that have great potential and can be safely sent to startup incubators. I see how our participants are eager to realize their ideas and this is exactly what we wanted to achieve!’

The project mentors added even more motivation and inspiration to our participants. They used extraordinary methods of teamwork, created conditions for the manifestation of leadership qualities, creativity, and shared their experiences.

Mentor Dmitry Pronin spoke about his strategy of building a friendly team:

‘During the first meeting with the participants, I had the task to create an atmosphere of team spirit and unite teenagers into one whole. When I met, I used a certain method and created a crisis for the team. Yes, the participants were able to show their leadership qualities, and the common problem became an indicator of their teamwork. I borrowed the method from an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine when I was serving my term. At one point, my team became so friendly that the main task for me was to support more of their emotional state than taking them step by step ‘by the hand’ to the goal. I saw my mentoring role in two functions to help and support. I think I coped with it.'

We are already waiting for the moment when the names of our participants in the lists of ‘Most Successful Businessmen’ according to Forbes will be announced. Sure, it will be very, very soon!