We invite teenagers to participate in a philosophical online seminar!

The Realms of the Future project is a philosophical online workshop for teens that will help participants develop critical thinking skills, set goals for the future, and define their life path. The seminar is conducted by the Klitschko Foundation and the Aspen Institute in Kyiv.

During the project, participants:

- will discuss topics that concern them: vocation in life, love, dignity, happiness, values, etc. - together with the moderators will conduct a dialogue, watch videos, jointly seek solutions to significant problems, etc.;

- will meet with guests who will share their history of achievements and defeats, talk about the values ​​and rules that guide the life;

- will conduct their own projects and learn to communicate with stakeholders, the media.

 Participants will receive in advance a collection of materials for preliminary acquaintance with the topics through classical philosophical texts and biographies of modern leaders;

Adolescents aged 14-16 who are in the 10th grade can take part. Participants must conduct local projects.

A local project is an event that a participant of the Klitschko Foundation and Aspen Institute projects in Kyiv organizes in their community to share experiences with others and to practice and master the knowledge gained on the project.

To participate in the seminar, fill out the form at: https://my.klitschkofoundation.org/login

Application deadline: October 11, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

Dates of the project: October 30 - November 1, 2020

More information can be found at: