We have launched the firts Impactum project!

Since the launch of our digital platform Impactum, we have received over 2,000 registrations! This is a huge team of like-minded people and those who want to learn. Finally, we launched the first project on the platform — Synergy.

Synergy is a digital project which focuses on 21st-century skills for young people, parents, teachers, and community activists. 

Synergy consists of: 

- cool speakers and a Klitschko Foundation team: all about the important. Each project on the platform is a process of painstaking work, important topics, and feedback from participants of our past projects to create exactly the program you need. 

- 17 topics, each of which will help you discover new skills, form goals, understand yourself and those who surround you. 

- various content whatever you want! There are videos and podcasts, as well as useful texts, case studies, tests and practical tasks. Goal badges, which will appear on the platform very soon, will motivate you to learn! 

- and most importantly changes: personal, local, and global! After all, any change starts with you. With the knowledge gained at the project, you will become an impetus for changes in your environment (family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, community) and create an impact to make big dreams come true! 

If you have not yet joined the platform, you can register now! It will be possible to study at the Synergy project during the following sessions: 

June 16 - June 30, 2021 

September 21 - October 5, 2021 

October 20 - November 3, 2021 

Join the project now: impactum.world 

Let’s learn and develop together!