We have launched the first in Ukraine educational digital space Impactum!

April 21, 2021 is a historic date for us, because we launched the first in Ukraine educational digital space Impactum the purpose of which is to give everyone the accessible toolkit for creating change on personal, local and global levels.

Impactum digital space, implemented in partnership with Winner company, is a logical continuation of our activities and it aims to become a quality and modern equivalent of offline learning.

The platform will consist of a series of thematic educational programs such as projects for active youth and their parents, teachers and community activists.

Currently there are no analogues for Impactum in Ukraine. The uniqueness of the digital space lies in the diverse and interactive formats of educational programs. Each project will consist of video lectures, infoboxes, case studies, podcasts, storytelling, tests and longreads, which will allow to present the topic of the module in the most interesting and effective way from different angles and directions. During the training, participants will be receiving feedback from lecturers and project managers, and upon completion they will receive a certificate confirming the acquired knowledge and skills.

Synergy, a digital project about 21st century skills for youth, parents, teachers and active citizens, will be a pilot program on the Impactum platform. Over the course of 2 weeks the participants will learn to uncover their potential, gain skills that will be relevant to the post-covid world, enhance critical thinking, media literacy, responsible leadership and other skills necessary for self-realization. The project launches in May, the application can be filled on the website right now: impactum.world.

In addition, in the near future the projects in the sphere of youth leadership, charity, ecology and sports for various target audiences from students to their parents and teachers are expected to be launched.

“Over the past year, the Klitschko Foundation team has realized two important things: the world requires courage and changes from us. And one cannot live without the other. Therefore, we decided to transform the foundation's offline projects into an online format, which is new for us. Now we are launching Impactum a digital space where everyone can invest their time for skills, a usual environment for the surrounding of like-minded people, and give meaning to all of their plans. We have worked so devotedly and wholeheartedly to create Impactum that it is hard to believe now that every teenager, his parents, teachers and our colleagues from other public and charitable organizations will be able to become a part of a huge space Impactum. I believe that every dreamer and fighter who will register, just like us, will have enough courage, and together we will continue to approach the realization of our dreams with confident steps!”, comments Alina Nosenko, director of the Klitschko Foundation.

More information about the Impactum platform and Synergy can be found at impactum.world website. Join us and let's fight for our dreams together!