We completed the first project in 2021!

One tick in our to do list for this year can be put, because we have implemented the Football for everyone project for physical education teachers and coaches!

Football for everyone is a project for physical education teachers and coaches, which aims to fight homophobia, transphobia and discrimination through sports and football in particular.

The project was implemented within the Football v Homophobia Month of Action, which was initiated by the Fare Network and Football v Homophobia organizations.

For 9 days the project participants:

- clarified the concept of ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ and talked about them as social phenomena together with Mikhailina Skorik, journalist and author of the online course ‘How to write a course for LGBT journalists’;

- found out the meaning of ‘Gender Equality’, how to achieve it together with Ekaterina Makarevsky, a sports journalist of the online edition ‘Gender in Details’;

- listened to an online lecture from Lowe Anglefield, Director of Football v Homophobia on ‘Sport Media LGBT + and Inclusive Coaching Techniques’;

- identified the ways and methods of combating homophobia and transphobia by involving children in sports and the phenomenon of discrimination from a psychological point of view, together with Maria Grechanik, a practicing psychologist of the Kyiv Pride organization;

- took part in 3 practical sessions, where they solved practical cases related to discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, discussed situations from their own experience, performed exercises on the topic of ‘hate speech’;

- met online with the athletes of the NRG amateur women's football club - Inna Didych and Maria Goncharuk, they exchanged experiences when they witnessed discrimination in football, discussed the stories of athletes and the impact of sports on their lives, and also learned about training methods to prevent discrimination.

For the participants and participants, the project became an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the challenges associated with discrimination based on gender identity and social orientation more, to form their own vision on these topics, to understand the concepts and create a map of actions for situations when someone becomes a victim of discrimination or bullying.

Even at the first lesson, our participants noted that this topic is extremely important in society, but, unfortunately, few people speak and understand about this in this topic, and there are those who feel confused when they witness discrimination or victims.

At the last meeting, the participants already expressed different opinions, because they began to understand the subject more globally and now they can share their knowledge with others. Here's what our participants say after participating in projects:

Alina Ivakhnenko: ‘This is not the first time I have participated in the projects of the Klitschko Foundation, and for me it is always a sea of ​​emotions, interesting speakers and a team of professionals in their field. The Football for everyone project never ceased to amaze me until the last meeting - continuous learning, experience and new acquaintances with like-minded people. The topics that we discussed not only made you think, but also in some way change your attitude towards stereotypes. I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in the project.’

Nikolay Niga: ‘I was lucky to become a member of the Football for everyone project. Thanks to the lectures and practical exercises on the project, I changed my view of people with different gender and sexual orientation - I learned to understand people, despite their preferences, although I had a different opinion. For myself, from the project, I made the following conclusion - we have no right to judge people for the way nature created people, but everyone must live in harmony and fight against discrimination in society. I want to raise this topic among my students. I believe that my local project within the framework of Football for everyone will be the starting point for this.’

Ahead of the participants there is the period of implementation of local projects, which they will implement until March 7.

Local projects are events that the participants of the Klitschko Foundation projects organize in their communities in order to share their experience with others and in practice to assimilate the knowledge gained on the project. In the Football for everyone project, the local project consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. These are training sessions that participants will conduct for their students online or offline (depending on the epidemiological situation in the area).

The practical part of the local projects was thought out together with a partner - the amateur women's football club "NRG". The teacher or trainer who best completes the practical part of the local project together with his pupils will be awarded an additional prize from AFK NRG.

Local projects of our participants and participants are an important step for the Ukrainian society, because together we demonstrate that discrimination in any of its manifestations is unacceptable. Teachers and trainers will be among the first to raise such important topics among their students and be able to influence the perception of their pupils. Now, having certain skills and knowledge, participants will be able to more effectively respond to manifestations of discrimination, stop it and take preventive measures.

For our part, we are always ready to support our participants and believe that they will succeed.