We carried out external monitoring of projects for 2016-2020

Each project year of the foundation is a special story, full of victories and failures, new impressions, challenges and opportunities. We are constantly receiving feedback from participants, partners, working on weaknesses, improving implementation methods and approaches, communicating with participants and alumni to make our projects effective. As a result, each of our projects changes every year because we believe that only changes move us forward and help us not to follow trends, but to set them ourselves.

Our observations, opinions, impressions of projects are just one side of the coin. Therefore, in order to analyse the activities of the fund through the experience of our alumni, partners and stakeholders, we decided to conduct an external evaluation of projects.

External evaluation of projects is a good practice for us, as it allows us to obtain information for analytics through an independent third party. Previously, the fund also monitored in 2013. During the same period, the Revolution of Dignity began in the country, as a result of which the needs and our vision of the fund's development changed. Subsequently, in 2015-2016, we returned to the implementation of monitoring results, analysed our projects and made many changes.

Also, we started to create projects that would be as effective as possible for each participant, reformatted projects from logistical to those that included a mandatory educational component, and began to work actively not only on "Sports" , but also "Education", "Active Citizenship" and "International Cooperation". A completely new aspect was the implementation of local projects, which with our support were implemented by graduates of the fund.

Every 5 years we carry out new monitoring with the support of specialists. In 2020, the external evaluation was conducted by Larysa Pilhun, an independent evaluation specialist and a member of the board of the Ukrainian Evaluation Association.

The fund's projects for 2016-2020, which were implemented by the fund for at least 3 consecutive years, were evaluated:


- "School of Success";

- Zero Waste School;

- "Internship";


- "Success Packages";

- Klitschko Tournament;

- "Call friends - let's play together!";

- "Start to success";

Active citizenship:

- KF-Hub;

- "Realms of the future".

You can learn more about the results of the external evaluation at: bit.ly/3v4ujZr

The document contains information about the assessment methodology, survey results, opinions of our graduates, changes in their lives after participating in projects, impact on the development of their skills, worldview and plans, and the document contains conclusions and recommendations.

Based on this assessment, we plan to continue working on improving projects to be even closer to the realization of our mission and goals!

We are always happy to receive feedback. Therefore, if you want to express your opinion, offer or ask - write to our e-mail [email protected]