We are pleased to announce the winners of the "My Success Story" contest!

Klitschko Foundation in partnership with the Decathlon Ukraine sports shops held a story contest among physical education teachers.

Klitschko Foundation in partnership with the Decathlon Ukraine chain of sports shops held a story contest among physical education teachers.

Throughout August, we followed the stories of physical education teachers from all over Ukraine! In total, we have 153 participants in My Success Story competition and more than 27,000 likes on Instagram and Facebook.

My Success Story competition was held as part of the Success Packages project.

We are amazed by all the stories. Each of them is special, creative and inspiring!

“We read every post as a team, watched every video. In fact, we didn't expect so many cool stories to read and goosebumps. We didn't expect to see such cool videos - with animations, unusual transitions. Some participants even read rap! In fact, we have once again become convinced that every physical education teacher is special in his own way! I think that our competition helped others to learn more about their teachers. We hope we have managed to achieve our goal - to increase the authority of physical education teachers and show their uniqueness! " - says the manager of the project "Success Packages" Dmytro Kryzhanivsky.


Among all participants, we selected 3 stories that met the following criteria:

- compliance with the theme of the competition;

- volume of the post or video - not less than 100 words and not less than 60 seconds;

- availability of hashtags: #посилка_успіху2021, #decathlon_ukraine and #klitschkofoundation;

- creativity;

- the maximum number of preferences of the post.

After August 31, we created a Shortlist of 10 stories that we collected the most. Among these positions, our competition committee, which included representatives of the Klitschko Foundation and Decathlon Ukraine, selected three winners.

We know that in fact, everyone who joins the competition deserves to win, because every teacher has put a lot of creativity and effort to show their story!

However, only three participants will receive "Success Packages" in September - sports equipment, which includes sets for table tennis, badminton, frisbee, volleyball, basketball and soccer balls, as well as a special gift for a physical education teacher.

We believe that the "Success Packages" will be actively used in physical education lessons and will be useful in the work of teachers.

So who are our winners?


  • Levchenko Anatoliy, teacher of Smilyansk comprehensive school, Cherkasy region: https://www.facebook.com/100022579151432/videos/577041306811218
  • Inna Trufkakiv, teacher of Ivanivskyi NVK, Krasnosilska OTG, Odesa region: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=557743095350413&id=100033441833861
  • Tetyana Ostrovets, teacher of secondary school №18 in Rivne, Rivne region: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013504118888


We congratulate the winners, and we really want everyone who joined the competition to keep fighting for their dreams!