We are looking for volunteers!

Being a volunteer means being highly motivated to help using your knowledge and skills. It is also a good opportunity to discover a new superpower and expand your circle of acquaintances.

We are announcing the recruitment of volunteers to the communication department to bring together their skills and ideas to bring about change.

If you want to be part of the foundation's volunteer community, then our opportunity to volunteer is for you!

What does volunteering mean?

- maintaining the fund's social networks during projects

- work with texts in different formats

- conducting interviews with participants, mentors, speakers, organizers

- translation of texts

- communication with the target audiences of the fund

Volunteers will also be able to propose and implement their ideas.

All volunteers will have the opportunity to undergo communication training.

Terms of participation:

- from 18 years;

- undergraduate student;

- volunteering in online format;

- volunteering is free.

Volunteering period: June-August

Submit the questionnaire: bit.ly/3cj2GC9

Submission deadline: 13.06.2020

We will send the selection results by e-mail, which will be indicated in the form.