Владимир Кличко делится секретами успеха с участницами летней школы

During 10 days of the "School of Success" girls attended 28 lectures and workshops. But, traditionally, participants expect one event the most for the whole project. Yesterday, Wladimir Klitschko came to the girl's "School of Success", although his arrival was a secret for girls to the last moment.

Just Wladimir appeared, the school exploded with applause. Girls were filled with emotions. There are a lot of questions in their minds - now they can learn from their idol the recipes for success in life and career, how to set the goals correctly and effectively achieve them.

At the School, girls felt the spirit of the sisterhood, so they asked, what it was - the brotherhood of the Klitschko brothers. And Wladimir said: "You are right in saying that during the time you spent here, you feel like partners, sisters. It speaks loudly that it is not necessary to be a brother or sister in blood. It is important to be a relative in your mind, In the perception of life, in ambitions, in dreams, and in the methods of their implementation. Whether you are ally or partner, relative or sister. It does not always happen that the sisters and brothers live together, because they can be different.

With Vitali we are real partners, we are complementing each other. I have qualities that he does not have, and he has the ones I don`t. I must say that blood is not really so important. Sometimes, it is possible to feel a person from the first moment. To understand that we speak the same language, we understand each other. Although sometimes it happens that you speak the same language but the perception of information is not the same. I'm happy that with brother Vitali we are not only blood brothers and we have same parents, but we really speak the same language, even though there are some sparks from time to time between us. 

We grew up to 14 years old together. Then I entered a sports school, boarding school, lived outside my family, travelled a lot. There was not a brother or parents by my side. And the amazing thing is that the physical distance has brought us spiritually closer. We have not lost confidence in each other. We feel real brotherly love. And you can love one another and you need to. It is important to have mutual understanding and common ambitions. We have the same ambitions. We want to achieve a lot. If one goal has already been achieved - we put new ones, we move simultaneously to them. Although I am not a politician, Vitali is a mayor of the city. Nevertheless, I fully support his ambitions to change Kyiv according to European standards. We, so to speak, depict, copy each other, impose one another. And to you, girls, I will say: despite the fact that you are not one blood, in 10 days you can really become brothers and sisters."

And at the end of the meeting, Wladimir called 5 mantras, which guide himself in his life:

  1. The first step is the hardest. Just do it. You will make it out.
  2. We build walls by ourselves.
  3. I am a driving force.
  4. I am a full-fledged combat unit.
  5. Failure is not an option.