Values ​​as indicators of our actions

Values ​​are the criteria of human happiness, and they are different for everyone. Some put family first, others do not represent their own well-being without career growth, and still others prefer personal interests. For each of us, life values ​​are a guide in various activities. They promote self-development, achievement of pleasure in life, development of creative thinking, and in a complex create not only the person, but also a society. Common values ​​determine not only the circle of like-minded people, but also the trajectory along which the whole society develops. And, in general, it is values ​​that influence our future.

The participants of the projects talked about the values ​​that help them to be socially active and make changes in their communities.

Anastasia Volichenko

Participant of the project "School of Success" in 2018

About freedom

For centuries, Ukrainians could not independently influence the fate of their state. And I was born in independent Ukraine, so I am a representative of the generation of free, independent, responsible people and for me the greatest value is freedom. Today we are free to choose power, religion, education. We can go anywhere and do anything. We are free to express our own opinion and have access to any information, you just need to open Google. But freedom is not only about permissiveness, but also about responsibility. And I feel it when I realize that I am responsible for my own life and decisions.

Why is freedom important? Because it makes people happy, and I'm no exception. This space of opportunity that freedom gives me shapes me as a person and helps me achieve my goals. But freedom alone is not enough. If you really want something, you need to take the initiative into your own hands, and then any dreams will become a reality.

Ekaterina Shadura

Participant of the "School of Success" project in 2017

About support

For me, the support of family and friends is an important value in life. It seems like such a simple thing, but without it it is difficult to live every day to the fullest and reach the top. I can't imagine being able to become what I am now, get a presidential scholarship, enter the desired specialty - bioengineering, without the support of close people. I owe everything that has happened to me and continues to happen to people who, with their words and actions, constantly inspire me to succeed and fight for my dreams.

 My family is my inspiration. They are ready for anything for me, and for them I am ready for even more. Therefore, in moments when something goes wrong, when fear and insecurity envelops, parents are those wizards who can throw away all these unpleasant things in just one word.

Sophia Korol

Participant of the project "School of Success" in 2018

About love

We inherit from our parents character traits, habits and, of course, values. Thus, from childhood we form our vision of the world. My highest value is love, because in the hands of man it can change the world. And it is not only about love for the opposite sex, but also for yourself, for other people, for your country.

What do I love? People. Behind every person is a story that I fall in love with. Every time after communication, my wings grow, and I am ready to move on to my goal. And when I hear stories about failures and how to overcome other opportunities, I immediately think that I can too. After talking to such people, I believe in myself even more.

Anna Lavreniuk

Participant of the project "School of Success" in 2019

About justic

For me, justice is about transparency and honesty in human relations. When everyone, regardless of the circumstances, receives the same treatment. For me, this is a priority, so not only do I try to be fair to others, but I also talk openly about issues that people are used to keeping quiet about.

I have repeatedly been convinced that the boomerang law works. Even if not instantly, sooner or later everyone experiences a mirror image of their actions. Unfortunately or fortunately, but in fairness as well. A person begins to value justice when he feels that he has been treated dishonestly. Therefore, we must always remember: we receive what we give to others.

Anastasia Bakalets

Participant of the project "School of Success" in 2019

About tolerance

Man is the source of all values. It all starts in childhood, when on a subconscious level the child tries to imitate his family members. Later, the circle of communication expands: friends, acquaintances, classmates. And all these people have a huge influence on us, and we on them.

And it doesn't matter what kind of people we meet every day - good or bad. Everyone deserves respect, because we are all equal, although different. Everyone has interesting ideas, individual worldview, tastes, preferences, vocation. It is normal to be different and to be different from others. For example, I have friends from other countries who are different in their mentality, appearance, religion and culture. But it only brings us closer, because it is always interesting to learn and discover something new. And the secret of such close interaction with other people is simple - respect for each person.