Unifying debates: the story of Taras from Kyiv

Taras is an active participant of the debates in his school/ He shares pleasant impressions about taking part in the «Great Debate Camp» project.

One of the participants in the «Great Debate Camp» project was Taras, a graduate of the Kyiv School. The boy is interested in the topic of debate and programming. The young man wanted to gain new experience and regain his communication and debate skills after a long quarantine.

Taras is an active participant in the debate club and the Model United Nations School conferences. That's why «Great Debate Camp» was a good start after a long vacation due to the pandemic.

"My expectations were completely met," says the boy, who has already recommended the project to his friends and colleagues, who are also interested in the debate.

Taras noted that the material presented by the lecturers could not be more accurate and appropriate. Its volume and format fully corresponded to the possibilities of online learning. Stories about debates and public speaking impressed the young man. The boy notes that even after the end of the project, he uses the notes made during the camp.

Taras also notes that the stages of the interview were comfortable and appropriate for the format of the event. He advises the participants of the following years "to gather strength and prepare for an intense but incredibly interesting experience."

According to the young man, if the project can take place offline next year, he will make every effort to delve into these feelings for another week, because he still maintains contact with some of the participants.

"I'm tired, but pleasantly impressed and inspired," says the young man, "the lecturers and the material brought me 100% satisfaction and benefit. I will continue to use this material."