Training sessions as methods of self-education: Roman shares his experience in “Democracy Hub”

17 year-old Roman has graduated from the “Scientific change” lyceum and prepares to enter a university. He is a professional ballroom dancer, actively participates in “Model of UNO” conferences, was the deputy of the child's parliament in the Darnitsa district and successfully finished the “Active Citizenship” training session of Democracy Hub project a month ago.

“The project was extremely useful for an update and expansion of my knowledge which I have gained for years of self-education and participation in other training sessions. In the moments of being in a grinding halt, it is truly important to hear the familiar information in other words because it enables us to rethink, structure everything and begin to perceive information in a new way”, assures Roman.

Roman tells us that his knowledge in the field of democracy became far deeper. Roman is currently working on the project that needs investors; therefore, Oleksandr Babiy’s lecture about fundraising was extremely useful for him. 

“Because of the project, I realized that our country lacks active citizens who can be useful in their local communities. The notion “it’s none of my business” can not be the principle of building up a successful society. Now I understand that my future has to be in Ukraine and that only our generation can change the order of the society that remained from Soviet times», shares Roman. 

The boy was impressed with the level of knowledgeability of the participants about the discussed topics. Some people have their own implemented initiatives, some have the experience in leading a business. The participants were already on the same wavelength before the beginning of training sessions as they began to get acquainted and learn something interesting about each other in a general chat.

“There is a nice Japanese proverb: “When you are talking about the future, demons are laughing''. The future can develop in any direction, and, in my opinion, it is important to simply pursue your dream. More and more young people become interested in the construction of the new future for our country, taking part in making decisions. There are many organizations which provide support for young people in developing their leadership skills and give the possibility to realize themselves in the spheres connected with leadership”, comments Roman. 

Roman perceives diplomacy like an art. In fact, the ability to find a compromise, communicate your thoughts to other people and hear them needs a permanent development and endless improvement. 

Roman assures that all of us are somehow connected to the development of leadership in Ukraine and the construction of a new, progressive society which will be able to trigger our country and lead it to success.