TOP-5 skills which are developed by an internship

Our intern Nina talked about the skills she started to improve on the «Dreamship» project. Read what these five skills are!

Our intern Nina talked about the skills she started to improve on the «Dreamship» project. Read what these five skills are!

1. Time management. Many interns, in addition to internships, also work, study, and rest in the summer, and each has friends and relatives who need time. In addition, during the internship there are urgent tasks and a schedule that must be followed. Therefore, time management skills are required in order to get positive results in all spheres of life. The main thing - is to find a schedule that will fit to your personal needs, schedules of sleep and activity and follow it. Then everything will come) 

2. A sense of responsibility is the ability to take responsibility for one's actions. This sounds very banal and strange, because how come adults have not yet learned to take responsibility for themselves? However, I mean that in personal life everyone has already received this skill, at the university we get more theoretical skills than practical ones. Therefore, an internship is a new environment where all your actions have a certain result, and in some way affect the future. Not being afraid to do something new and being able to express your opinion in case of questions is what develops the internship.     

3. Ability to defend opinion. On the «Dreamship» project, there are many situations when you need to work in a team, or work independently, and then present your work. Each time the intern has to prove that his result is worths the time, worths attention, and simply worths using. And these are the moments when you need to be able to defend your opinion. Defending the idea — it's not just «It's cool, because I think so, » it is about guidance arguments, logical consequences, confirming rationality your point of view. And in order to be able to formulate your thoughts in structured sentences in a short time, you need practice, so this is a skill that is also developed by the internship.      

4. Social skills. Nowadays, many people still think that zoom will not be able to replace real human communication. I also thought that online internships would not allow you to get close to people and have effective dialogues at all. Fortunately, I was wrong, but there is one but. Either way, offline internships provide more opportunities to understand each other through intonation, gestures, and looks that disappear if you don't use the camera. Since many communications during the internship take place in text format, or without the use of cameras, it was necessary to learn to build conversations without these important elements of communication. 

5. Critical thinking. Here I mean the ability to analyze information and set priorities. Information analysis is not only about the information we use to perform a task, it is also about the need to reflect on the tasks given by managers and be able to draw your own conclusions. Once the preliminary analysis is done, we need to be able to prioritize both information and tasks, and this in turn affects performance. That is why there is no way without critical thinking)