Tips for future interns: how to combine summer internship with rest

One of the participants in the «Dreamship» project is Julia, a freshman at Warsaw National University. The girl is fond of design and drawing, and in the future sees herself in the field of HR, so the internship was a «necessary step and useful experience» for her.

«I have been following the activities of the foundation for a long time, and I have long wanted to take part in one of its projects». When the set for «Dreamship» was announced, I immediately understood that it was a perfect match,» — Yulia admits.

In addition to internships, the girl is engaged in content making and SMM, so part-time work for her was an important criterion for selecting a future internship. She admits that sometimes it is difficult to combine work with an internship, and sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice time for rest and own affairs. However, the girl has invented several ways to arrange her day to do everything on time.

«I write down all the tasks in advance. To better visualize my schedule, I highlight tasks from different areas of activity in different colors. » Thanks to this, the girl manages to maintain balance, because thanks to the colors you can clearly see which area predominates.

As announced during the recruitment of participants in the program «Dreamship», the internship for girls takes about 5 hours a day. «Sometimes it may seem too much, because all the work is done on the computer, but I realize that all the tasks I get, I benefit, » — says Julia.

Julia warns that the most effective method of attitude to the internship is not to plunge into it «with your head». At the beginning of the internship, the tasks may seem simple, so it is very easy to teach yourself to sit and think about every word written. The workload for trainees increases as they gradually become part of the course, and a perfectionist attitude to work usually leads to burnout, which is not cool because the internship lasts 3 months. 

«During the internship, I finally started waking up early in the morning and doing my priority before lunch. At the same time, I had more time for myself and for the things I like. You should not leave everything overnight, because the body needs to recover and rest, » says the girl.

She convinces: future interns should apply and try! Summer should not be an obstacle for new discoveries, impressions and acquaintances! 

«Any work contains a part of self-knowledge, which opens not only you for the organization, but also you for yourself, » — says Julia.