Time to act: Yuliia on participation in “Realms of the Future”

Since childhood Yuliia has been interested in questions like: "How the world works?", "Do we really exist?". It was thanks to her curiosity that the girl became a participant in the “Realms of the Future 7.0” project and was able to answer these questions with other teenagers.

"For five days, the Klitschko Foundation team and the Aspen Institute Kyiv were helping to understand our thoughts, improve teamwork skills and find new friends from all over the country", – says Yuliia.

Days of seminars were full of interesting conversations and events that became a new impulse in Yuliia's way of life. Inspired by the atmosphere of this project, the girl gladly began implementing her own project to help teenagers from all over the country to figure out difficult life issues.

“To be honest, it is quite difficult to arrange a project. However, this only makes it more interesting, and there is even more motivation to do something really cool! My goal is to help my peers understand that philosophy is an interesting science, thanks to which you can get to know yourself and the world around you more”, – the girl assures.

The girl managed to gather 15 teenagers in Zoom, where they talked for 1 day, learned to engage in a dialogue, worked in a team and met an interesting speaker.

Julia has always been supported by her family and her team. The girl managed to bring together a team of her peers, who were also eager to implement this project. Last year, Yuliia and the same team implemented the local project “School of Success”, therefore the local “Realms of the Future” was another great opportunity for teenagers to work together. The girl says about her team that they are people who are “up for anything”.

If you think that everything in this story is so perfect, then no. Oh, the whole team's hearts sank, when a few hours before the project electricity went out, not only on one street, but in the whole area. Therefore, there was no access to the Internet or computers. Then it seemed that everything was a failure! A sign that this is a useless venture. How would you feel in such a situation?

Apparently at this point someone would have already been publishing a post on social networks about the postponement of the project, calling the participants and getting disappointed, but it's not about Yuliia and her team. While preparing for the project, they formed their own rules, one of which was: “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”. So with a cold mind and a warm heart, the team quickly moved to another area and from where they started their project.

“It was really hard sometimes, but it was worth it. It was very valuable for me to see the passion in the eyes of the participants and get motivated feedback”, – Yuliia comments.

The participants of Yuliia's project communicated with each other and effectively solved the given tasks. The favourite part was the conversation about a dignified and happy life with a discussion of the text “Gooseberry” by Anton Chekhov and a lecture by Speaker Tatiana Gavronskaya, an English teacher working in China.

Thanks to the experience that Yuliia gained on the project, the girl became more confident and realized that she can do anything if she wants to!

Now the girl is planning to implement even more projects in her city.

“What worries me the most is the problem of ecology in the modern world. That is why I am already starting to do various environmental activities for my city and tell my peers about the eco-friendly attitude to the environment. I have been sorting waste for more than a year. I use eco-bags, taking care of the ecology of my city and country”, – says Yuliia.

We believe that Yuliia has a lot of plans ahead and she will definitely be able to implement everything!