The project "Success Packages" is over!

On October 13, we last met in the circle of physical education teachers within the project "Package of Success". They summed up, shared their impressions, were even more motivated and moved on to the next stage of the project. Now the practical part is waiting for the participants!

This year the project was going in a new format — on our digital platform Impactum, implemented together with the main partner, Winner, - became a logical continuation of the Klitschko Foundation and aims to become a quality and modern analogue of non-formal offline learning.


The last meeting with the participants was attended by the director of the Klitschko Foundation — Angelina Osadcha, as well as the cultural attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine — Michael Klosen.


We truly thank the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine for supporting one of our projects, and we believe that this is not our last collaboration!


We also thank our participants who have showed the courage to apply for the project and study for a month, attended classes, completed all tasks on the Impactum platform and gained experience! We also believe that our hundred teachers will be able to implement such cool local projects that we will be proud of and set an example for future project participants.


During the project, we have constantly collected feedback from our participants and are happy to share it here. We asked what was the most important lesson for physical education teachers.


The answers make us smile and believe that local projects will be impressive!


Vyacheslav Batyuk:


"Our main task is to instill in children a love for sports,explain that physical activity is cool, useful and fashionable andnspire children by your own example”.


Yana Nizova:


"We must never rest on our laurels. Respect and listen to each other. And, of course, not to stand aside from other people's problems, but to help solve them. "


Svetlana Tretyakova:


"The lesson I learned is that every dream comes with strength. However,  you need to work for this and, most importantly, believe that you can!"


Iryna Snigurovska:


"Information about bullying is very useful and necessary. After all, I notice a lot of negativity in students, even in junior classes. Therefore, it is important to know how a teacher can behave in conflict situations. It is very essential for me not to be just an observer!”


We are already waiting for the implementation of 100 projects in all corners of Ukraine.


Success Packages in 2021 is supported by the U.S. Embassy, Kyiv, Ukraine. The views of the project participants do not necessarily coincide with the official position of the US government.