The ProCharity project is over!

Ми раді повідомити про успішне завершення нашого освітнього проєкту для представників/ниць благодійних організацій.

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our educational project for representatives of charitable organizations.

During the month, the participants of the project improved their knowledge and skills necessary for effective and transparent conduct of their organization. The purpose of the project is to provide opportunities for professional and personal development of public representatives.


During this time, project participants:


  • got acquainted with the legislation governing CO and NGOs;
  • learned about the principles of good governance;
  • learned to create a strategy with targets;
  • understood how to raise funds in the organization;
  • learned how to find your own audience and communicate effectively with it.


Also on the project, the participants had a great opportunity to review cases from the real activities of the fund and take part in networking. 


For the participants, all this was very useful on the way to improving the work of their organizations.

This is not a complete list of useful information and skills that participants have acquired in the project. Now they are ready to develop their own organizations, move forward and fight for their dreams!


“A great project, very well-structured information that will help both existing organizations and beginners to improve, understand and reach a higher level of their activity. Step-by-step instructions and interesting tasks help to create a roadmap that can be used in project implementation. Many thanks to the organization for the implementation of such activities ", - shares his impressions of the project participant, Alexander from the organization" Енергія Кристала".


The project takes place in the digital space Impactum, which we created with a partner company Winner for all who are ready to develop: personally, locally and globally.


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