The Participant of the School of Success has implemented her own project

The School of Success is a project that inspires young leaders, helps them to find themselves in life and gives opportunities to embody the boldest their ideas. When the participants of summer educational school come back home and implement the one that they have earlier just dreamed about, we know that our work is not in vain. As a participant of the School of Success 2016, Julia Karazanfir has implemented not just an interesting, but a socially responsible project in Odessa.

I returned from the School of Success full of enthusiasm. Then I decided to bring to life the idea of charity fair for the guy who was hit by the tram. In Odessa, I met Karina Lebedeva and Maria Pasternak, the initiative and active coordinators of the charity project named "Dobrobutik", who shared my desire and joined the organization of the fair.


The "Green Theatre" was elected as a location; it is a popular destination among the young people of Odessa, where concerts, lectures, and festivals take place. The process of finding partners, volunteers, and content for the entertainment zone was not so easy, and we faced with dozens of refusals, as everyone, who have ever organized events for the first time. However, finally, we found voluntary bakers and cooks who have agreed to put their products on sale, musicians, and artists, who have participated in the fair. We told about the fair all the pupils and teachers at my school and shared the information of our plans via the social network Vkontakte.


At the day of the event we were worrying, but joyful at the same time. The panic in a half an hour before the start of the event, and happiness at the end when the realized event had collected more than 5,000 UAH which are common things when making a debut as an organizer and project manager.

Having held my own event, I understood the two important things: nothing worth more than the discipline; and no matter how active you are alone, without people to share your aspirations, it will not work.

Guess, who of the participants of the School of Success would be the next to share with us the results of their labors? We are sure that every one who attended our summer camp will be able to implement successfully the boldest their ideas. We are looking forward to your success story!   The authors of the most socially important ideas we will invite to join the foundation's team for the projects planning for 2017.

Competition conditions:

Your implemented social/volonteering projects should be sent till 30th November (inclusively) to the mail [email protected] in the format:

  • project description up to 1 page in .docs format
  • 5 the best and the most vivid photoes apart from the document
  • attached files should not exceed 25 MB
  • subject of the letter "Full name - Fight for your dream"
  • tell about your project at social media with hashtag #KlitschkoFoundation and give a link to the publication in th letter 
All the conditions must be followed.



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