The international project "Study Visit" has ended in Kyiv!

From August 9 to 13, the Klitschko Foundation and Max Sport Iron Man conducted a training for representatives of sports and youth organizations from Poland, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Greece and Georgia.

For 3 days, 20 participants from different countries discussed the topic "Sport projects for children from environments threatened by social exclusion", as well as exchanged their knowledge and experience. The project was conducted in English.

During the project, participants talked to Ukrainian experts in various fields of sport. In particular, together with experts, the participants discussed the following topics:

  • problems of social inequality in Ukraine and the world;
  • discrimination and social isolation;
  • gender equality in sports;
  • homophobia and transphobia;
  • bullying and methods of overcoming it;
  • diversity and inclusion;

In addition, participants were able to learn more about the activities of such Ukrainian organizations as Klitschko Foundation, Shakhtar Social Foundation, JuniorZ and others.

"I think that the participants of the program were active, because there were interesting discussions about the impact of football social projects on society and how the strategy for the development of the fund. Experience between different countries and organizations is important, foremost to solve common problems, search for new methods to solve social problems, the opportunity to share experiences and the opportunity to see obvious things from the other side. Involving participants from different countries is a kind of diversification of opinion, which allows you to gather a lot of information for a more detailed analysis of anything, as well as develops critical thinking. I am convinced that such programs are a great start for the emergence of new ideas and innovations, " said Nikita Filipov, project manager of the Shakhtar Social Foundation.

Combating social exclusion must be the main goal of every country in the world. In the Study Visit project, participants learned about numerous examples and practices to demonstrate how the effects of social exclusion affect people's involvement in sports and their lives in general.

During their stay in the capital, representatives of sports and youth organizations visited the Klitschko Museum, attended the Shakhtar-Genk football match at the Olimpiysky National Sports Complex, and had a tour of Kyiv.

"It was very nice to meet people from different countries who are open to communication and exchange of experiences. The lectures were aimed at really relevant issues of modern sports, namely: equality, inclusion and youth sports in general. Tackling pressing issues requires just such extracurricular volunteer training. Clear instructions and advice from lecturers will be a fertile ground for the development of sports not only in Ukraine but also around the world, " said Pavel Kawa, a participant from Poland.