The «Great Debate Camp» online-project is over

On July 16, the online camp «Great Debate Camp» — a project for teenagers from Ukraine has ended.

For 5 days, active and conscious teenagers learned, developed and discovered new opportunities.  

The days of the camp passed extremely quickly. Every day was filled with interesting meetings, presentations from experts from the Debate Federation of Ukraine, training games and debates. 

Teenagers had the opportunity to listen to lectures on various topics: "Introduction to the debate" by Christina Slovik, lectures on building arguments and counterarguments by Kateryna Turkin and Oleg Stoev. Ukrainian journalist Iryna Slavinska told young people about the basics of public speaking and effective communication. Andriy Kasyanenko gave a lecture on the topic of «Enlargement and Analytical Speeches», and Aisha Tambayang, a representative of «Crossing Borders», which is our project partner, spoke about social equality.  

During this time, participants: 

  • learn how debates originated and what is their value to society;
  • learned to make a good and convincing debate speech; 
  • tried to build arguments and form a strategy of counterarguments;
  • developed public speaking skills;
  • improved English language skills. 

Sofia, a participant of the project, shared her impressions: «I liked the opportunity to debate with someone of my age. Debate clubs usually exist only at universities, so it is difficult for high school students to find opportunities to develop their skills. It's nice that there are programs that help students learn to debate. I also liked the tournament at the end — the desire to get to the finals is very motivating to improve skills constantly.

The lectures were exciting and useful, with practical advices and a good opportunity to spend time with like-minded people. This program gave me new experiences, understanding of debates and great acquaintances. » 

We are glad that for the participants of the «Great Debate Camp» it has become a step towards active citizenship and now they have even greater motivation to make changes and fight for their dream!  

We are also in a hurry to share the great news — soon the Klitschko Foundation will launch its own online course as part of the «Democracy Hub» project, so follow the news on the official website of the foundation and on social networks!  

We remind you that the project is implemented in partnership with «Crossing Borders» with funding from CISU.



5-денний дебатний онлайн-табір для підлітків з України та Данії, покликаний розвивати культуру дебатів та міжкультурні зв’язки між молоддю. Табір втілюється в межах проєкту «Democracy Hub».

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