The first training of Democracy Hub "Youth Leadership" is completed!

A busy week of lectures is over, and we are already reflecting on the results of the “Youth Leadership” training. 40 participants, 7 days and countless future changes for the better.

The training days went by very quickly, as the classes were productive and interesting!

During this week the participants:

- learned about democracy and its nuances, leadership and power, global development and prospects;

- got acquainted with the strategies for using emotions, identified their emotional triggers and reactions to them;

- discussed the history of democracy, made conclusions regarding its development in Ukraine;

- understood the impact that leaders can have on local communities, saw examples of real effective projects;

- talked about the economic breakthrough and the role of reforms in its achievement;

- realized the importance of sustainable leadership development.

Roman, the participant: “Personally I was impressed by the project’s versatility. It prepares future leaders from all angles: it develops both emotional intelligence and teaches to create our own socially important projects. And the speakers were true experts, who were very interesting to talk to. Democracy Hub was the first project on such a level in which I participated, so I recommend it to everyone, who is interested in these areas of responsible leadership".

Oksana Dyadyura, project assistant, also shares her experience: “This training would not have finished with such good impressions if it were not for the participants, who were active and motivated to learn the important topics of democratic values ​​and leadership. Their desire for knowledge and defending their opinions, discussing important issues are impressive. That is exactly how today's young leaders are. They are thirsty for learning, open for discussion and ready to act. I am sure that this project will help them get one step closer to their goals, and the motto "Fight for your dreams!" will accompany them their whole lives".

We are glad that the training has become a step towards active citizenship for the participants and that now they have even greater motivation to create changes and fight for their dreams. This project’s experience and the community of like-minded people will definitely come in handy!

And we continue to implement the project further! The "Debate & Public Speaking" training is coming very soon!