The educational project «School of Success» has been completed!

The last month was incredibly rich for participants of the present «School of Success». During this period they have learned a great deal of information, have completed as many tasks and are now ready to present their own projects!

Participants studied social entrepreneurship, project management, principles of communication in projects, self management, bases of work with technologies, and also reviewed and developed critical and creative thinking. Over the course of the month, they gained in-depth knowledge and useful practice on each topic. Now they know how to start a startup, create a team of like-minded people, generate quality content, interact with technology, and secure themselves online.

But our participants can do more than boast of their acquired knowledge and experience. They need knowledge and skills to independently start their own local projects. This is the main goal of the project «School of Success». Just imagine: every one of the participants of the current «School of Success» will create its own creative project! How many changes await different corners of Ukraine! Each of the projects will have different directions, but the ultimate goal is one - to fight for the dream of improving society already now.

«This year the School of Success »is definitely not like the previous ones. And not even because it was the first time held in digital format, but because every year new unique Personalities come to the project. They are bound to bring something new to the project that ensures its continuous development. This has been the case this year. Proud of all the participants - they have faithfully carried out tasks and met to solve problems. For me, every new project is an opportunity to improve and develop as the participants do. This year’s graduates made the impossible and became a new version of themselves. Every year, they are more creative about any given task, so this year has become a special and memorable year for me. Thanks to all participants for a new sip of motivation and development spectrum » - comments project manager Igor Efmimenko.

The project takes place in Impactum digital space, which we created with Winner partner for all those who want to develop: personally, locally and globally. 

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